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Asemic comics are published here three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We are back on schedule after an unexpected week-long hiatus.


New Kindle Anthology of Flash Fiction and Short Stories: Another Wrong World (and other offbeat tales)

Another Wrong World: and other off beat tales is a collection of very short stories published in various magazines over the past two-and-a-half years. From asteroid bars to a child’s front yard, from the eyes of a veteran star pilot to the paranoia of a city elf, nothing can be taken for granted–except that the reality of any given world is far from certain. 257 more words

Science Fiction

Speed of Light | Michelson and Morley

The Speed of Light series consist of five parts. Quick access links are here.

Part 1 | Earliest Ideas

Part 2 | The Eclipses of Io… 1,601 more words


Broken--Anthology Released with "Letters to the Luminiferous Aether"

Thirteen Press has released its themed anthology, Broken, as a paperback book or eBook download. It is presently available at Lulu in both formats. You can also read about it at… 117 more words

Science Fiction

New Cover Designs: Broken and In Vino Veritas

Thirteen Press has settled on the cover design for its two anthologies to be released shortly containing some of my short stories.

In Vino Veritas… 146 more words


Chapter 12: Special Relativity

The speed of light wasn’t always constant, or so most thought.

In the late nineteenth century, the good physicists were all busy studying the wave like nature of light, and our dear Dr. 2,134 more words


Ether Or

In 1880 Albert Michelson came up with an experiment that he hoped would prove the existence of the ether.  He reasoned that, though it was assumed to be very thin, the ether had to have some substance.   343 more words

Big Bang Theory