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Joanna Lumley Defends Wolf-Whistling

Before this wolf-whistling comment, I held Joanna Lumley in my estimations as someone who had good political motives. As a woman with a lot of political activism under her belt, I saw her as progressive and positive. 975 more words


Aaron Lumley-"Grappling With a River"_Ear Worms


The word “grappling” serves as a suitable description for Aaron Lumley’s bass work on his newest solo album Katabasis/Anabasis. ¬†Throughout the album there is a constant push and pull pressing on the emotions of the listener as Lumley tests the limits of each of his melodic ideas and extended techniques. 377 more words

Ear Worms

Joanna Lumley & The Gurkhas of Nepal

Joanna went to a assortment of discussions exactly where she was bedecked in silk scarves, garlands of flowers and greeted with applause. There have been ratings of individuals holding placards illustrating words of thanks, including her brand-new nickname “Ayo Goddess Joanna”. 1…

Why I'm celebrating with Sierra Leone

Over the weekend, Sierra Leone marked the end of the Ebola epidemic in the country.

It has been a tough 18 months – since the first case of Ebola was reported there. 538 more words

Vladimir & Suzdal: The Real Confusion Begins in Old Russia



Day 1:

It was 7am and desperate to press snooze on the alarm, I reluctantly rose from the sofa bed. Allan didn’t move though, after all I take longer to get ready. 1,512 more words