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200 Lumpias? Sure. (Day 1)

Day 1  – Cutting all them vegetables.

Cut up 3 large carrots, 2 bags of green beans, prepared the soy sauce/vinegar with crushed garlic.

200, I swear I can do this.


Lumpia Shack

With pea at home, food for me these days consists of anything microwaveable. So any chance to dine out involves a thorough search of something good and unique. 283 more words


Intro to: Tasteabulous Tuesdays!

Hello there! Our new Food segment will now include a series entitled “Tasteabulous Tuesdays!” This is where on Tuesdays, there will be a new recipe featured, be it a dessert (YUMMM) or a dish. 393 more words

Reese And Coco

New Year's Eve Recipe - Lumpias

My father was working as a chef part time when he met my mother. He was an aspiring actor at the time, but had a talent for whipping up delicious food. 401 more words

Finally made it to Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

I’ve been wanting to check out this farmers market for awhile, but I tend to avoid downtown. You know, the one way streets, the light rail tracks keeping you from turning where you want to go? 612 more words

Treehouse Bakery

Everyone's favorite Chinese egg rolls (Lumpias)

This recipe is lifted from Steamy Kitchen and ever since the first time I tried these egg rolls, I’ve never made them any other way. Being Asian, I love spring rolls and in the Philippines, we have several versions. 949 more words



Puskesmas Tatelu terletak di wilayah kecamatan Dimembe,kabupaten Minahasa Utara, Propinsi Sulawesi Utara. Terdiri dari 11 desa binaan yaitu Desa Matungkas, Laikit, Dimembe, Warukapas, Tatelu, Tatelu Rondor, Wasian, Lumpias, Pinili Klabat dan Tetey. 129 more words