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Snack Bar Junkie!

So I may have a bit of a snack bar addiction lately. I am a HUGE snacker, and I try to eat a snack or two in between meals to maintain a steady blood sugar levels and provide me with energy throughout the day. 663 more words


Evaluating Popular Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bars can be a convenient and satiating snack that you likely won’t feel guilty eating. However, is the healthy packaging deceptive? Are some a candy bar in disguise? 762 more words

Registered Dietitian

And...it's Monday

So I didn’t post at all over the weekend. Mostly I slept and watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

I didn’t eat badly but I didn’t eat well either and I probably had a bit too much fat, if I’m being honest. 135 more words


Week 3: Day 4

Feb. 5, 2015

I’m still on track and feeling good! Woo! There haven’t been any major meltdowns this week, so that is always a plus. Yes, I have been craving some not so healthy food, but I haven’t caved. 181 more words


Week 3: Day 2

Feb. 3, 2015

Winters in Ithaca, NY are cold. Too cold for me, which I think has put me in a perpetually grumpy mood. It also made it that much more difficult to get out of bed this morning. 158 more words


Luna Bar + Fit Chick Fitness Giveaway Winner

Hey Belles,

I entered a contest with Luna Bar & Fit Chick Fitness 411 for the chance to win a box of Luna Bar’s newest flavor: Chocolate Cupcake, and I won! 214 more words


Review: LemonZest Luna Bar

I love bars. Snack bars, protein bars, nutrition bars…I’m not picky. One of my favorite brands is LunaBars. They have flavors like chocolate cupcake, peanut honey pretzel, and chocolate peppermint stick. 316 more words