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[NEWS PICS] 170120 f(Luna) = E Channel 'Strong Girls' Press Conference [137P]

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Song Review: Luna X Hani X Solar - Honey Bee

Honey Bee is one of those songs that’s just oozing potential from the get-go. Taking f(x)‘s Luna, EXID’s Hani and Mamamoo‘s Solar and setting them loose on a big diva pop track is definitely an exciting prospect. 250 more words


Of Service

Often I am approached by hopefuls offering their “service” as sexual slaves or objects. Even now when I have not actively been looking for anyone to serve me.While getting off on demand and without much effort on my part sounds nice, once I’ve come, the dishes still need washed and I want my potted patio garden rotated, weeded and watered before the day is out, and l want a hand planning a deep clean of the kitchen. 814 more words


161122 f(Luna) = ‘Two Men’ Movie Premiere [3] | 3P

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170116 Luna X Hani X Solar's sweet temptation... 'Honey Bee', the veil will be removed on the 19th

f(x) Luna, EXID Hani, and Mamamoo Solar’s new song will be released on the 19th at 12AM.

Mystic Entertainment revealed on the 16th the name of the collaboration song, ‘Honey Bee’, and another still cut from the MV. 203 more words

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170118 f(x) Luna, visiting hometown Mungyeong with 'Strong Girls'

f(x) Luna has invited the cast and crew of ‘Strong Girls’ to her hometown in Mungyeong.

Luna will be appearing as one of the five girls on the 23rd’s first broadcast of E Channel’s ‘Eat-ket list! 268 more words

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