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Overwatch : Lunar Colony updates

Lunar colony is getting a major update in PTR! In case you did not get the chance to go and take a look for yourself yet, don’t worry! 340 more words


What Would It Be Like To Live On The Moon?

The European Space Agency is hoping to establish a functioning moon camp by the 2020s. Of course, living on the moon won’t be easy. The moon has got no atmosphere, no magnetic field. 55 more words


Humanity as a Space Faring Civilization

This is just a quick post on the subject of the human race becoming a space faring civilisation.

On numerous occasions I’ve spoken to Dude about the collective human future and once he gave me a timeline of how things will unfold. 1,170 more words

Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

I was given Artemis by Andy Weir as a present over the holidays this past year.  I was excited to receive it because I’d read his short story The Egg and his book The Martian (also a gift), both of which I really liked it.   450 more words

Book Review

Cavern on the Moon

Scientists Detect Massive Caverns on Moon That Could House Colony

This is actually a very positive find, because if there is to be a colony on the moon, safety and air conservation will be far better controlled in an underground cavern rather than domes. 45 more words


Artemis by Andy Weir

As soon as I found out Andy Weir had a new book out, I requested it from the library. It wasn’t even in the holdings yet, but I wanted to be high on the hold list. 474 more words

Book Review

The City on the Moon: A Review of Artemis, by Andy Weir

Andy Weir’s first novel took us to the barren landscape of Mars, where a lone astronaut struggled to survive on a harsh world.  Super storms, a thin atmosphere, a general lack of sustainable food and water, and the inability to call home for help all threatened the life of Mark Watney.  957 more words

Book Review