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Cavern on the Moon

Scientists Detect Massive Caverns on Moon That Could House Colony

This is actually a very positive find, because if there is to be a colony on the moon, safety and air conservation will be far better controlled in an underground cavern rather than domes. 45 more words


Artemis by Andy Weir

As soon as I found out Andy Weir had a new book out, I requested it from the library. It wasn’t even in the holdings yet, but I wanted to be high on the hold list. 474 more words

Book Review

The City on the Moon: A Review of Artemis, by Andy Weir

Andy Weir’s first novel took us to the barren landscape of Mars, where a lone astronaut struggled to survive on a harsh world.  Super storms, a thin atmosphere, a general lack of sustainable food and water, and the inability to call home for help all threatened the life of Mark Watney.  957 more words


Mars and Beyond

Public service announcement to all you humans out there… Earth is doomed. Period. It’s over. End of an era. Pays des morts.

Now, wait, hold up, chill out, chances are you’ll be long dead way before the planet collapses in on itself. 1,166 more words


Flipping Odometers

As a child, I enjoyed watching the car’s odometer count the miles.   I awaited the moment when all the nines would line up and then, holding my breath, watched them roll into all zeroes.   215 more words


Piffle Alert! The 'Lunar Temple'

It was for just such notions as this that such expressions as B.S., codswallop, crapola, and blather were invented.

The European Space Agency has revealed plans to build a “lunar temple” or “dome of contemplation”–barf bag, please–on the moon, as part of a lunar colony ( … 159 more words