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Weekly Lunar Numerology for April 15 - 21, 2018

April 15 is the beginning of this lunar cycle. The new moon will be in sidereal Aries, which symbolizes initiative, fire energy, and intense emotions. Seven is the vibration for this inspirational phase. 289 more words


Weekly Lunar Numerology Reading for April 8 – 14, 2018

For this transformational phase of the lunar month, April 8 – 14, the numerology vibration is 6. Responsibility is the theme.

Taking time to care for others requires a lot of responsibility, but you need to be responsible for you own well being first. 222 more words

Lunar Phase


Full Moon or Dark Moon? Major and minor solunar periods? Which is best? Does any of this moon mumbo jumbo make any real sense nor does it actually work? 1,131 more words


Tarot Spread - Full Moon Magic

March is a special month this year because we will be graced by not one but TWO full moons!

I’ve created a full moon tarot spread  111 more words

Be the Moon…

Spreading joy fills me up.  I love knowing that I can brighten someone’s day with a simple act of kindness.  Happiness is contagious! I love spreading joy around like fairy dust. 8 more words


Moon Box: Full Moon in Taurus

Another month, another full moon! The frost moon (also known as the beaver moon) fell on Saturday November 4th. The Moon Box from Gaia Collective was lovely this month! 139 more words


Moon Phase in Solar Returns

I know the focus in solar return (SR) charts is the Sun. However, I have been “trained” to look at the lunar phase of the SR chart as well. 106 more words