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[Video] Nasa revealed Far side of moon

A number of people asked what the other side of the Moon looks like, the side that can’t be seen from the Earth. This video answers that question. 11 more words


Vedere din partea ascunsa a Lunii / Stiinta Astronomie

Nu prea are nici o legătură, dar cînd am urmărit prezentarea de mai jos, realizată de NASA pe baza datelor colectate de tehnologia modernă şi Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, îmi venea în gînd ”welcome to the dark side” spusă în stilul lui Darth Vader. 24 more words


What Does The Moon Look Like From The Other Side, The Side That Can't Be Seen From Earth?

The moon like you’ve never seen it before

In a spectacular video montage the NASA scientific visualization studio shows you a view from about a hundred kilometers above the moon – at the far side, the side which is always turned away from us that is. 367 more words


The Dark Side of the Moon

Have you ever wondered what the far side of the moon looked like, but you were too lazy to find any pictures, videos and/or articles about it? 56 more words

NASA did a killer animation of the dark side of the moon

For most of our existence, humanity hasn’t been privy to a view of the far side of the moon, the hemisphere that faces away from the Earth’s surface. 152 more words

See the Dark Side of the Moon With This Incredible NASA Animation

NASA has released an incredibly detailed animated clip of what the moon looks on the side that is never visible from earth.

In the video, we see the far side going through a cycle of phases, much like what is visible from our planet. 107 more words