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Facebook to transfer data via lasers!

Facebook is all set to transfer data via lasers through its Internet.org project. The aim of Facebook Internet.Org is to make internet accessible from all corners of the world. 370 more words

China plans to be the first to land on the dark side of the moon

The Pink Floyd album aside, the “dark” side of the moon is not actually dark—it receives just as much sunlight as the hemisphere of the moon that we can see from Earth. 421 more words

Watch the moon wobble its way through all of 2015 in this NASA video

As the moon orbits Earth, it keeps the same face oriented toward our planet—almost. From our view, this slight variance—known as libration—looks like a wobble that slowly changes our view of the Moon. 124 more words

NASA's LRO Spacecraft Finds March 17, 2013 Impact Crater and More

NOTE: This post was in pending and should have been published. This was an issue we had in the beginning by updating the blog via e-mail. 453 more words


"Created by Adobe Photoshop" Doesn't Mean That The Image Is Fake


I’m dredging this up from the archives. It was my fourth Swift post, published I think near the beginning of January. I’m so busy with stuff and trying to keep track of various projects that I neglected to share it here. 1,005 more words


[Video] Nasa revealed Far side of moon

A number of people asked what the other side of the Moon looks like, the side that can’t be seen from the Earth. This video answers that question. 11 more words


Vedere din partea ascunsa a Lunii / Stiinta Astronomie

Nu prea are nici o legătură, dar cînd am urmărit prezentarea de mai jos, realizată de NASA pe baza datelor colectate de tehnologia modernă şi Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, îmi venea în gînd ”welcome to the dark side” spusă în stilul lui Darth Vader. 24 more words