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Biggie Smalls

Some things are a lot smaller than you expect them to be. At least that’s what your Mom said to this TLCB Writer the other night. 79 more words


Worth a Second Look

Missed by our Elves, but found by a reader, we’re handing over to a Guest Blogger today. Nils O picks up TLCB pen…

Some things are worth a second look and you’ll discover a hidden gem. 185 more words


Rove Big

Rover’s are, to most of TLCB staff, slightly sad old cars driven by the chronically elderly. Unless you can find a really old one which has come full circle back into cool again. 80 more words


Here's How Far The Apollo 17 Astronauts Drove On The Moon

With President Trump signing NASA’s direction back to the moon today, I suppose that this story on the 22 mile trip taken by astronauts in 1972 with the lunar rover on 12/11 is a good thing to read.


Mass Effect Nomad

This is, apparently, the Nomad ND1 rover from the 2017 video game Mass Effect Andromeda. Unfortunately it is therefore something about which we know absolutely nothing, but to prevent an Elf riot here it is. 56 more words