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Space Utility Vehicle

Who knows what it is that classic spacemen have been doing for nearly thirty years, but it always seems to put a smile on their face. 69 more words


Not a Car

TLCB Office had a few too many Jägerbombs last night and thus are feeling a little fragile today. Fortunately the awesome Firas Abu Jaber, a TLCB… 241 more words



The title of this post might be from a fairly dreadful horror movie, but the creation it captions is rather excellent. Flickr’s Moko is a previous bloggee and he returns to TLCB with this simple yet delightful Classic Space crawler, complete with individually articulated tracks and a rear-mounted communication dish (this is Classic Space – no ray guns here!). 10 more words


Cheese Mining

Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese. Flickr’s Galaktek is exploring the tasty future of lunar expedition with this professional-looking cheese mining team, who are working hard to bring the bountiful harvest to unadorned pieces of toast and dry crackers everywhere. 79 more words


That's one step for a man...

…and a giant step in barn finds

An out of this world barn find. It will need some fixing up but not too bad for a ’66 model. 225 more words


Mini Rover

No, not a Rover Mini, but a mini rover. As is often the way with sci-fi we’re padding out this description to hide our incompetence with the subject matter, but if you’re into spacey things more than we are then you can check out Rod Gillies’ wonderfully neat micro-scale rover via his photostream here.


Moon Dune Two

It seems like only last week that we posted a Lego lunar dune buggy. Probably because it was. Anyway, here’s another – this time in Volkswagen flavour – and you can see more courtesy of Jonas on Flickr.