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Lunar Roving Vehicle #4

Encased next the Saturn V at the Apollo Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center, is Lunar Rover Vehicle #4. This particular unit is a non-operable, full-scale mock-up built for display purposes from mostly surplus parts. 30 more words

Lunar Rover

Lunar Roving Vehicle, 1-G trainer

Several rovers were created for testing, training, or validation purposes. Astronauts Dave Scott, Jim Irwin, John Young, Charlie Duke, Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt all practiced on the Lunar Rover trainer displayed at Space Center Houston in preparation for their respective missions. 26 more words


Lunar Roving Vehicle, Vibration Test Unit

Several rovers were created for testing, training, or validation purposes.  The rover used for vibration testing is on display in the Davidson Saturn V Center at the U.S. 7 more words


Lunar Roving Vehicle, Qualification Test Unit

In addition to the flight vehicles, Boeing manufactured eight non-flight units for development and testing. One, the “Qualification Test Unit,” was a very close replica of the units that flew. 46 more words


Lunar Roving Vehicle Engineering Mock-up

Now on display at the Museum of Flight, outside of Seattle, Washington is the Lunar Roving Vehicle Engineering Mock-up. This was the first test vehicle that was delivered to NASA.  94 more words


Who Knew? - GM Technology Coming Back To Earth

General Motors has a long-standing tradition of partnering with other leaders in engineering and innovation to make the world a better place. Now some of its out-of-this world accomplishments are finding a place in the here and now. 347 more words


Biggie Smalls

Some things are a lot smaller than you expect them to be. At least that’s what your Mom said to this TLCB Writer the other night. 79 more words