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Grey Greebles

Flickr’s Febrovery is in full swing, and this oddity by previous bloggee pirtatecox is one of our picks so far. There’s more to see of his twelve-wheeled Classic Space-esque rover via the link above.



What with it being the first day of the New Year, The Lego Car Blog Elves think they are now living in the future. Because they’re idiots. 55 more words


China's Yutu Lunar Rover Finds New Type of Moon Basalt

Scientists from the University of Weihai announced that the Chinese lunar rover Yutu has found basalts unlike thoseĀ from the Apollo and Soviet Luna missions. 399 more words

Pittsburgh Company With Sights Set On Lunar Landing Adds International Passenger

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — “Our goal is to make the moon accessible to the world.”

With that announcement, Astrobotic Technology CEO John Thornton announced that Germany has joined the Strip District company’s mission to the moon. 240 more words


It wasn't the beach

It wasn’t the beach
and yet the rover took the hills
like the dunes back home.


New Metal Earth Models

Fascintations comntiues to produce more and more models for their popular Metal Earth line. These are models that come on laser-cut metal sheets that you punch out and assemble to make extremely realistic and detailed models of various cars, buildings, vehicles, etc. 146 more words