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Grace for Lunasa Season

Irish poet Dennis King opens his poem “Altú” “Grace” like this: “I láthair mo mhuintire …” “In the presence of my people …”, finding reason in human existence itself for thanks. 860 more words


Crowds celebrated Lúnasa with The Clans of Ulster at Tullaghogue Fort

On 12 August 2017, The Clans of Ulster celebrated Lúnasa at Tullaghogue Fort with their inaugural unique and innovative Lúnasa, Spirit of Folk Festival. It was the first festival to be held at the fort in over 400 years.  268 more words


Lunasa, Saturday 5 August '17

One of the great pleasures of the “Great Eight” seasonal festivals on the Wheel of the Year, if you have a group to celebrate with, is the unique combination of private and community rites that can mark each season. 366 more words


The Bilberries of Lá Lúnasa

Today is the first day of August, whose Irish name is Lúnasa, in honour of the Celtic Sun God, Lugh (pronounced Loo). Lugh is the god of loads of things, including the harvest, which officially starts today. 587 more words

Honoring the Mundane

One of the groups I gather with to observe at least some of the “Great Eight” festivals has been searching for a meeting place for our upcoming Lunasa/Lughnasadh celebration. 447 more words


July Interval

Holy Ones I know, you grasp
the thread of my life. Sometimes
I feel your fingers drawing
me tight against the soundboard.

Can I sing for all of us, or does the song come for me alone? 849 more words