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Lunasa - Sacred Work

The name of this festival is often written as Lughnasadh, but from now on I’m going to use the modernized Irish spelling: Lunasa. This rendering gives a better impression of how to pronounce it and is easier to remember and write. 1,524 more words


First Harvest

When they chose the site for their new home, they were careful to pick a lot that sat on the edge of the development.  They didn’t want to be completely surrounded by a sea of homes that all looked like a variation on their own.   956 more words



Last Queen of the Fir Bolg (the people pre-dating both the Tuatha De Danaan & the Fomhoire. She died of exhaustion while clearing a forest for agriculture. 103 more words


Lunasa Resources

Historical Info

Lunastal– Tairis article, has separate sections on Scotland and Ireland

Lughnasa, Festival of the Harvest by Morgan Daimler

How to Celebrate

Celebrating Lunastal… 130 more words



Let’s sink our teeth into this, folks.  No less than John McSherry co-authored it!

Available here.

Musical Instrument

Celtic Flavor- March Monthly Mix

In honor of our culture’s odd celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I figured it’d be only appropriate to share a few of my favorite songs of the Celtic sort. 214 more words


The Cat That Kittled In Jamie's Wig 13-01-2015

On the Wild Rover this week you can hear tracks from Altan, Liz Carroll, Lúnasa, The Full Set, Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra, Guidewires, The Yanks, John Wynne and John McEvoy, The Quarter Mile and Téada.

The Wild Rover