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Places in Groningen V: Anat

Anat, named after the owner, works upon a clear vision; respect for humans, animals and the environment is key. Anat is fully plantbased, but not just for vegans. 314 more words


Hot Pot Meat

I’m no professional when it comes to the science of meat nor am I a butcher/farmer where I’m well versed in the knowledge of meat. I actually don’t even enjoy eating that much meat, I’m more of a vegetable person (not that I dislike meat, just my preference leans on the green side). 1,046 more words



One of my best friends had just come back from Indonesia, and we felt it had been a while since we met up for coffee together. 344 more words


Chicken Taquitos- Freezer Friendly

One of the best ways to rein-in spending and stick to a budget is brown-bagging your lunch! My husband gets tired of taking the same few items again and again. 203 more words


Korean Hot Bowl

So I had this Korean hot mess for lunch. I think it is best eaten in the winter.


My best meal yet: Fajita bowls

As anyone can probably tell from reading my blog, I love Mexican food. I love Mexican food of all shapes and sizes, but my absolute favorite is the famous Chipotle bowl. 570 more words

Black Rice Super Salad

The salad to top all salads!
Plus its my lunch for the week ahead so that’s pretty good too,

I love a good wholesome, flavour packed salad bowl! 310 more words