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Got Beans? Got Patties!

These patties had been the best that I had ever done! They were so but so savory with a touch of garlic. The main ingredient for this patties were peas. 274 more words

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper

Vegan Stuffed Bell Pepper

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

A stuffed vegetable is a vegan yet filling and nutritious meal. 305 more words


Lunchtime Mac & Cheese (Gluten Free)

This is just as easy as making it out of the box, but it taste better and I am sure in some way better for you. 310 more words


Now this may not be the most kid friendly place in the Village – depends on the kid.  Lots of cool tea pots that could be broken, and the people in here just want to relax over some tea and food so it may not be for kids that can’t keep the decibel level down, but ours had a blast.   141 more words

Multnomah Village


Vaak haal ik voor lunch op de universiteit een warm soepje voor de lekker. Eigenlijk vind ik soep altijd wel iets toevoegen met de lunch. Het voelt toch altijd net iets luxer ofzo. 232 more words


Healthy Monday!: Alternatives to just plain water

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty easy when it comes to drinking water. Actually I’m not sure being paranoid about my water counts as easy… I get pretty anxious when I realize I don’t have any water handy. 474 more words


The Bite

When I want a quick lunch in KC, the first place that immediately comes to mind is The Bite, which is a small sandwich shop located within the City Market. 171 more words