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Independent. By Lunga Njikazi. Edited by Rose Richards.

I am actually glad I got my uncle to stop taking me to hospital because even though the first four months were difficult, I would be probably long gone or would be fighting for my life motionless in a high-care. 560 more words

"My idea of cool changed" By Lunga Njikazi. Edited by Rose Richards

Even though I never got to experiment with any of them, I grew up thinking being cool had to do with smoking, drinking and being out of control. 581 more words

Reflections on Lunga’s birthday, 21 December 2017

Today, Lunga Njikazi turns 26. He is more than three months younger than my transplant. He was born when I was at bed rest with a virus I picked up post transplant. 285 more words

"Why regret?" By Lunga Njikazi. Edited by Rose Richards.

I have grown into a full grown man right now, and I am turning 26 years full of life in less than a month as result. 383 more words

"The stress that is money. Being independent" By Lunga Njikazi. Edited By Rose Richards

I don’t like money, perhaps that is why I hardly have any and to tell the truth, I would not want for any if it was not a lifeline. 425 more words

Motivated to motivate (by Lunga Njikazi)

I don’t see myself spending my own money to see a shrink. I don’t know, but I found nothing fascinating about them. Excited to have been booked one during my first year of renal failure, my spirits were sunk instead when she left after the session. 317 more words

Lunga’s speech at Sultan Bahu’s fundraising dinner (17 November, 2017)

 This is the speech Lunga gave at the Sultan Bahu fundraising dinner on 17 November, 2017.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for inviting me to this beautiful gathering. 1,556 more words