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I wish to do it again. By Lunga Njikazi

On Friday, 17 November, Lunga had the opportunity to speak at Sultan Bahu’s fund-raising dinner. Below he describes that experience. We’ll upload his speech soon. 515 more words

Passing (by Rose)

I find myself writing quite a bit these days about passing as normal. Reading Lunga’s post about living because he’s alive reminded me of what a struggle staying alive was when in kidney failure and what it cost me to do it. 458 more words

Living because I am alive (by Lunga Njikazi)

I am alive and I know that people see a very much alive person in me because they don’t show any sympathy towards me and I like that. 258 more words

The road less travelled (by Lunga)

I thought I would take up boxing classes and smack people around once I got out of hospital, I thought I would become a bully and not take bull from anyone as I did a few times before. 441 more words

Food. Again I'm talking about food (Lunga and Rose)


Kidney patients talk about food a lot. It is quite the preoccupation with us. You have to eat even if you don’t feel like it. 595 more words

It's not just gas (by Lunga)

(Rose says, “I don’t miss renal constipation.”)

My community still can’t take a releasing of air in public, even if it would mean you were to die if you did not let off that gas. 489 more words

Food (by Rose and Lunga)


Food is a preoccupation for people in renal failure. The renal diet is … shall we say, challenging. I was on it from the age of 7 until transplant at 22 and I still have food issues. 535 more words