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Easy Butt Workout

Watch the video below for a quick and easy workout for your butt. You will definetly feel the burn! You want to preform each move 15 times with a total of 3 sets, 4 for a challenge! 22 more words

Hiit Workout

DAY 1. Staying Happy

Ultimately, even if you only find enough strength to make it to the gym or training studio and would spend an hour laying down on the floor, it still would count as achieving something that day. 64 more words

Day 12: Ipod App Workout

Because I planned on going rock climbing later in the day (and because it was already past 2pm), I decided to stay in the apartment and try out my exercise app on my iPod. 334 more words


PAN AM Fencing Footwork

      A fencer’s footwork during a bout with his opponent determines his advantage.  Whether advancing or retreating, he changes the speed and tempo of the contest with his feet.  381 more words

Week of 05/18/15 - Week 7

1-on-1 Strongman Training

Monday – 05/18/15

Sleep: 6.5 hours
Body weight: 177.0lbs

Doing stuff from Friday


A. Axle clean x1/front squat x5 build to a tough set… 945 more words


Day 16

Today we have fifty (50) curtsy lunges and fifty (50) donkey kicks. Both are familiar exercises as we did them on Day 8 and Day 13. 328 more words


Why leg day is the best day

While many individuals prefer to exercise their mirror muscles like arms, abs and chest, leg training has many benefits that go far beyond good leg development. 458 more words