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Phase 2, Day 27: Booty (aka Now the Fun Begins)

At last! A new workout scheme and regime to blog about!

Gone are the days when you could do your Booty workout from the comfort of your own home with nothing but your resistance loops and sweat for comfort. 1,127 more words

Phase 1, Day 25: Legs (aka Sweat, Smile, Repeat)

Autumn loves leg day.

I love Autumn.

Ergo, you would think I love leg day.

I don’t.

I do love that leg day is a targeted workout that accomplishes what it sets out to do: Turn your lower half into a jelly mess that makes climbing three flights of stairs to one’s apartment next to impossible. 606 more words

Phase 1, Day 19: Legs (aka RELAX YOUR FACE)

Full disclosure: I’m exhausted.

Not only did I push myself to lift heavy in Leg day, but then I also decided it would be a good idea to go play soccer directly after. 1,174 more words

My Favorite Leg Workouts

I’ve always had substantially muscular legs that were the bane of my junior high and high school existence. In fact, in sixth grade, I banned shorts from my wardrobe and didn’t put a pair on again until I was a sophomore in college. 889 more words


180430 Monday

HIIT Interval

  • 1 x hill slow (rest – 30 sec.)
  • 2 x hill mod (rest – 1:00)
  • 1 x hill Fast (rest – 1:00)
  • 50 ft inch worms…
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Sporty Challenge

If you would know me well, you would not believe that. I am doing a sporting challenge since six days. Usually, I hate doing sport and I always try to do something for my body but the motivation always passes away. 660 more words


Leg Workout +

Compound exercises are great, working several muscle groups at once is challenging, but helps you cut your time at the gym in half and develop functional strength. 203 more words

Leg Workout