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An All Burpee Workout!

Workout for 5-18-2016

T-Shirt: Puddys Auto Repair

Music: Stars on 45

Today was not fun.

All we did was burpees.

325 of them.

Yep 325 burpees. 80 more words


4 Easy Exercises to tone your lower body

Summer is almost here and the race to get your perfect body is on its highest levels. However, if you tend to gain weight in the lower body, which is defined as a pear shape, you may find it challenging to tone that area. 27 more words


Journey To The Spartan Race(s) Episode 23

How often do you let the wether dictate if you decide to train or not? Rain or shine. Hot or cold. These are some of the easiest excuses not to follow through with what you promised yourself you’d do. 96 more words


2016-05-26 Thursday

A) Group Stretch

B) Skill Practice
Take 20 Mins to Practice working on skills and Mobility (Double Unders, HS Progressions, Pullup Progressions, KB technique, etc.) 24 more words


Ultimate Cardio Workout

This is an awesome cardio workout! It mixes treadmill intervals with moves for a full body workout. So instead of busting your butt on the treadmill for 30 minutes, try this! 17 more words


Love Your Legs

Leg day is my favorite day! Everyone wants sexy toned legs and a good butt, but you have to work to get it! Personally, I’d rather do squats all day that have to do push ups or bicep curls, but maybe that’s just me :) I found this workout circuit a few years ago in college and I LOVE it! 54 more words


Lots o' Lunges

Good for a power yoga class with a vinyasa base. Focus on the strong back leg, lifting up into lunges with one breath. ¬†Tendency is to put too much weight in the hands when moving from Warrior sequence back to lunge, this reminds students to ground through the legs and not put too much weight on the hands when doing so… 171 more words