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The other side of Tom Mboya you Never Knew

Tom Mboya is the most misunderstood man in history. I don’t celebrate him. He betrayed our people.

He fought Legio Maria, the only religion known to deal with evil spirits. 363 more words

Kenyan Politics

Aloe vera in Siaya

There are over 10 different species of aloe in Kenya-each with it’s own unique characteristics. Some are Poisonous, others good for skin moisturizing others good as treatment for internal ailments. 78 more words


Obama Incorporated:Unraveling Tribe and Ethnicity in Kenya

Veering off the main highway from Kisumu, the path to Kogelo winds inland from the rocky shores of Lake Victoria. 1,510 more words


power & hunger.


rao is power hungry.

i say, rao is hungry.


hunger is power.

why can’t he quit? he’s too old. why can’y he anoint someone a successor, he’s good at that – x tosha! 370 more words

The Writer

How Luos Got Their Accent

You’ve probably been mesmerized by the fluid, flamboyant and finesse Luo accent  ;) – popularly identified by the elongation of vowels and the legendary switching  of ‘sh’ with an ‘s’ . 479 more words

Data Analysis

The Armor of God (LUO: Bible NT & Psalms)

LUO: Bible NT & Psalms

Ephesians (Jo-Efeso) 6:10-18

10-11 Mogik, beduru motegno kuom Ruoth, kendo kuom tekone maduong’. nManreuru gi gii lweny duto mag Nyasaye, mondo eka uchung’ motegno kutang’ ne wuond mar Jachien. 146 more words


The Lord is my Shepherd (LUO: Bible NT & Psalms)

LUO: Bible NT & Psalms

Psalms (Zaburi) 23

1 Jehova e jakwadha, ok anachand gimoro.

2 Omiyo anindo e lum mang’ich, otelona e geng pige mokuwe, 73 more words