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#KOTs should first remove the log in their own eyes before they can point fingers at #CNN!

#SomeoneTellKOTs to first remove the log in their own eyes before they can even say #SomeoneTellCNN!
Kenyans were livid and angry towards the CNN because of a CNN reporter who said that US President Barack Obama was coming to Kenya, a country that is โ€œa hotbed of terrorโ€. 773 more words

The Obama Effect

This is nothing personal

But we will make it our Business,

In the west, Obama hails from Kenya,

In Kenya, Kogalo is his home,

Jateros are his people(thatโ€™s what they claim) 182 more words


Why a Kenyan village goes crazy about Obama's visit

Obama’s father is from Kenya, from a place in the West of the country called Kogelo. The area is dominated by Luo culture.

But Obama himself was born in the US, obviously. 737 more words


Kijumi is Coming

I woke this morning to the welcome voice of thunder and the syncopation of rain. I drew back my curtain and breathed in the relief. It hasn’t rained in Gulu in a month and a half, leaving everything and everyone parched and jacketed in ruddy, red dust. 803 more words


Siaya Agricultural Show

Siaya Agricultural show was the most unusual but beneficial show I’ve ever attended.
With very little pomp attached to it, I remember asking a local if they would be attending the show on the week heading to the show: to which they retorted – which show? 127 more words


They Should Have Spared Us Tom Mboya, If Not For The Nation, Then For Luos.

July 5, 1969. A cold Chilly morning, as narrated by Mohammed Amin’s son, in the ‘Man who moved the World’ a sneak into his notes, moves a man to tears. 649 more words


Liberty University| Onlineย 

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