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“The basic things valued among the Luo are: land, cattle and kinship” – Ocholla Ayayo, Traditional ideology and ethics among the Southern Luo.

After a bloody raid of our cattle,

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“Your name is your shield. Your name is Kunta Kinte, son of Omoro and Binta Kinte…”-Omoro Kinte. Alex Haley, Roots:The Saga of an American family.

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A bitter – sweat traditional fruit/snack loved by children, normally collected in a half calabash and eaten while at play

Siaya County

Journey to the Royal lakes of Luo communities 

Access is by Community invitation only..

and an experience you would gladly pay top currency without butting an eye

If you’ve ever sat with the community in general to experience their flamboyance even in speech, then when you are explained to how wives of traditional rulers were treated in these Royal pools/lakes does their symbolic nilotic lineage i.e.

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Siaya County

How tribalism has affected development in Kenya

Tribalism in Kenya is not inborn; it cannot be traced to ancient hatreds or warfare from cultures clashing over the ages. The major opposing groups like Luo, Luhya and Kisii of Western Kenya and the GEMA (Kikuyu, Embu and Meru people) from the Mount Kenya area, had little contact with one another before the coming of the colonialists. 389 more words

National Politics


Though highly controversial in nature which earned him a nick name (agwambo) meaning the “mysterious one”, raila odinga has had so many political posts to his name which was no surprise because his family origin-luo tribe in kenya- is in deed a key to political activities in kenya. 27 more words