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power & hunger.


rao is power hungry.

i say, rao is hungry.


hunger is power.

why can’t he quit? he’s too old. why can’y he anoint someone a successor, he’s good at that – x tosha! 370 more words

The Writer

How Luos Got Their Accent

You’ve probably been mesmerized by the fluid, flamboyant and finesse Luo accent  ;) – popularly identified by the elongation of vowels and the legendary switching  of ‘sh’ with an ‘s’ . 479 more words

Data Analysis

The Armor of God (LUO: Bible NT & Psalms)

LUO: Bible NT & Psalms

Ephesians (Jo-Efeso) 6:10-18

10-11 Mogik, beduru motegno kuom Ruoth, kendo kuom tekone maduong’. nManreuru gi gii lweny duto mag Nyasaye, mondo eka uchung’ motegno kutang’ ne wuond mar Jachien. 146 more words


The Lord is my Shepherd (LUO: Bible NT & Psalms)

LUO: Bible NT & Psalms

Psalms (Zaburi) 23

1 Jehova e jakwadha, ok anachand gimoro.

2 Omiyo anindo e lum mang’ich, otelona e geng pige mokuwe, 73 more words


Ever been to Lupita's ' Home Area'?

One thing that strikes you are the Rock outcrops atop every hill, and on one of those rocks a telephone mobile company has chosen to ride on Lupita’s dads name to gain mileage within the community. 44 more words

Siaya County

When it gets cold..

Nature has a way of self adjusting in a manner that may at times make it unrecognisable.

This is a ‘white browed coucal’ All puffed up on a chilly morning, looking quite different than it would on a normal day.

Siaya County

Disillusioned ‘’Educated’’ Youth the biggest impediment in our Country.

Kalonzo Musyoka, in a recently televised interview with NTV’s Ken Mijungu said; it is difficult to be in the opposition in Africa. Well, many will construe this to allude that Kalonzo wants to be in government and he is not having the time of his life in the opposition. 1,061 more words