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Ancestral Land & The Chains of the Past

The most painful thing in life is to have your destiny decided by another. The most destructive thing in life is to beg for a different destiny. 1,154 more words


The Lost Story of Uluo Atyak

The story of Ulwo Atyak is of a man who ushered a whole new generation of people who today are known as the Luo. In 1010 AD, the… 573 more words

Data Analysis

Horticulture & Agriculture in Siaya

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Siaya County

Housing Future Generations

Today we celebrate one of us from the Luo community who has proved to be a trailblazer in the real estate industry. Dan Ojijo is the Managing Director of Kenya Homes Expo which held its 23rd Edition between the dates of April 14th to April 17th, 2016. 291 more words

Seeking the Elusive Terrapin

I had heard about it but never seen it. Finally after about  3-4 hours around a series of swamps it finally appeared for a short while, taking in the sun and reluctantly taking a dip Рthe last time I ever got to see this or any individual. 26 more words

Siaya County

Who bullied you when growing up!

Caught up with this lads bullying each other, One thinking they

are much older and smarter

The oth

er determined and Armed with agility :). … 19 more words

Siaya County

Sometimes in life you eat sweet potatoes

It’s good to be back home in the city by the lakeside! Kisumu is beautiful and full of surprises but I still get that small town girl feeling whenever I return. 453 more words