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Anime Taste Testing: Fall 2015

I put on my fluffy socks again for the first time this week, which must mean that autumn has well and truly arrived. While I mourn the loss of summer, I’m not exactly grieving for the end of the summer anime season – though I maintain that there’s not really any such thing as a good or bad anime season, simply more or less titles that appeal to my personal taste. 1,754 more words


First Look: Lupin III (2015)

Alternative titles: Lupin Sansei, Lupin III: L’avventura italianaLupin the Third Part IV
Anime Original by TMS Entertainment
Simulcast Pending


The fourth anime series in the franchise is set in Italy and Marino, and follows titular thief Lupin III (now clad in a blue coat) and the rest of the gang as they continue their adventures in crime. 901 more words


813 and the Ubermensch

Those of you who remember my article on French detective fiction know that I was greatly impressed by the short story on Maurice Leblanc’s famed master thief, Arsene Lupin.   148 more words


The Most Ever Company - Stalker / Desert

(Continuing my journey into the stack of The Most Ever Company records & CDs that’s been piling up here in my kitchen)

What is that cover? 518 more words

The Most Ever Company

Review: Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro. Lady Friendly and Jazzy!

Hot off the beat of a particularly successful casino stick-up, Lupin and aide de camp in thievery Daisuke Jigen are riding on the high of a job well done and are just about ready to bounce along into the sunset, yellow fiat 500 in tow. 753 more words


Old Spice's Isaiah Mustafa vs. Terry Crews is the Batman vs. Superman of This Generation

Commercials about deodorant are not a common topic on Ogiue Maniax, a blog dedicated to anime and manga discussion. However, one thing that anime, Old Spice in 2015, and superhero comics have in common is a love of crossovers in varying capacities. 428 more words