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Cliff Hanger (Arcade) is the Retro Game of the Week for 13 February, 2017

Note: due to YouTube stupidly blocking the video for copyrighted content, there will be no game video this week.  YouTube sucks.  Seriously.

Released: 1983
Developer: 577 more words

Anime of the Year: Josh Dunham's Top 10 Anime of 2016

For me, the phrase, ‘Anime of the Year’ is shorthand for defining the definitive animated experience of an era, as well as yourself. No elective process can be completely objective, but I don’t believe it should be completely subjective either. 1,718 more words


[LINK] Beyond Yuri!!! On ICE: The themes and motifs of Sayo Yamamoto

Yuri!!! On ICE might’ve been one of the best things about 2016. I know that’s is a low bar, but roll with me. It engaged viewers inside and outside anime fandom alike, it offered one of the most positive portrayals of a queer relationship I’ve ever seen in anime, and – most importantly – it’s offered me a chance to talk about… 193 more words


A Mighty Fine Woman

Fujiko Mine, Mine Fujiko. Teacher, resistance fighter, consort, betrothed, spy, thief. Is she all of these things? Or none of them? Just who is the Woman Named Fujiko Mine? 468 more words


dyr #29 : Lupin III (Series 1)

No anime collection is proper without the adventures of Lupan San Sei, Lupin III. A product of the late 1960s counterculture in style and attitude, only one production of the famous thief can claim to be the closest to Monkey Punch’s original manga… sort of. 823 more words

TV Series

Review: Nerima Daikon Brothers

Nerima Daikon Brothers presents itself as a rare beast indeed; a postmodern, political, sexually progressive musical comedy anime. The unassuming characters tasked with upholding those ambitions are brash ‘n’ basic daikon farm boy Hideki, his charming but reserved brother Ichiro, and their cousin Mako, a self-styled “former idol” who left her country home to find her fantasy life of luxury. 611 more words