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11 Best Episodes of Classic Lupin III

I’m only including the 1971 and 1977 series because I haven’t had the time to watch all of the 2015 series yet (which made me decide to exclude Fujiko Mine as well). 950 more words

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Why I'm Pessimistic About the New Zeni spin-off

I’ve wanted Zenigata to have his own spin-off ever since I started watching the show. My entrance into the franchise was from Woman Called Fujiko Mine  256 more words

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Why Zenigata is an Amazing Character

When crafting the character, more important that their personality, backstory or appearance, are their motivations and dynamic with the people around them. And it is these two elements I too often find neglected in media. 332 more words

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Why Lupin III is the Greatest Thing in my Life

The short answer is, now, wherever I have a bad day, and I see one of these things:

Things suddenly feel less bad.

The long answer? 222 more words

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Anime Greats: Lupin III

Welcome! This will be the third post in a series of posts I call “Anime Greats”. There’s a few anime that sit in a weird place in my life; while they’re popular, I’ve met very few fellow fans of the series or none at all. 389 more words


Lupin III's Mineko Fuji will voice new shinigami in 2016 Death Note film

The official website for this year’s sequel to the 2006 Death Note live-action films, Death Note: Light up the NEW world, has revealed that voice actor Miyuki Sawashiro will play Ama, a new shinigami created for the movie. 206 more words


LupinIII Lupin The End (Pachinko) by HEIWA


Today, we will be introducing the latest machine of a popular pachinko series, “Lupin the Third”!!
This is the successor of a popular pachinko machine, “Lupin the Third: Erased Lupin”, and has evolved for more excitement. 82 more words