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A live-action film of "LUPIN THE THIRD"

Today I watched a live-action film of “LUPIN THE THIRD”.

Here’s the trailer;


LUPIN THE THIRD is one of very popular anime series in Japan. 111 more words

We devour a three-kilogram spaghetti and meatballs obento lunchbox

The boxed feast lets you recreate a famous scene from a Hayao Miyazaki anime movie. 795 more words


Top 5 Episodes of Green Jacket Lupin

Hi everyone! I’ve finally managed to make my first blog post! I hope its not too rough around the edges as its my first time publishing any sort of article of some kind (if that’s what you want to call it), so any feedback on my writing in the comments below or via Twitter is very appreciated! 1,773 more words

50th Anniversary

My Journey Into Lupin The Third With Fujiko Mine

So i started my journey into lupin the third by watching my lupin the third anime called the woman called Fujiko Mine. I started with this anime because it looked the most interesting and people said you can start with this anime. 416 more words


FabFriday5 - myotakuromance

Today’s Friday5 delivers up something a little different with myotakuromance, a tracklist featuring select songs from various anime. Shows and songs include Peace Sign from My Hero Academia, History Maker from Yuri on Ice, Tank from Cowboy Bebop, the Theme from Lupin the Third and Love Shogun from Samurai Champloo. 47 more words

The Telltale Mind

Sitting Around Watching Lupin III Until I Die

I absolutely adore Lupin III. Since July of last year, I’ve slowly but surely been making my way through this long-running anime classic. I wish I’d started this blog last year so I could have tracked my progress with the series from the beginning, but I suppose this post will have to make up for that.  1,375 more words