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Why do we no longer appreciate old anime?

If you talk about anime to someone, it’s more than likely that they’ll think about shows that are currently airing, or shows that turned big for whatever reason or even shows that they grew up watching as a kid. 404 more words


Lupin III Part V Episode 6 Made me Really Happy.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you’ve probably come across my undying love for the Lupin III series. It’s a show that’s been with me for years and something that has been incredibly important to me since I watched the Green Jacket series all those years ago. 539 more words


Lupin the Third Part 5 Ep. 5: It's Hard to Say Goodbye

I shouldn’t be surprised, but episode 5 was the conclusion of the Marco Polo/Ami storyline of Lupin the Third Part 5.

Ami has experienced a lot of changes since she first met Lupin and the gang in episode one. 587 more words


The Game’s Afoot

One show I didn’t expect to like as much as I did this season is Lupin III Part V410 more words


Taku's First Reactions: Spring 2018

Guess who’s back! It’s been a while since I’ve managed to make a post here, but it’s finally time for another one. It’s around that time of season where the first reaction posts start flying in. 3,682 more words


Lupin III Part 5 Ep 1 - The Chase Is On!

Thanks again to Zainou for recommending this show for me. It’s a great show and you can jump on straight away here without seeing the million other episodes of the show! 428 more words