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Floral Friday Lupinus

Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine, is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae.
They are growing rapidly and getting colour in my garden… 6 more words


Emily Goes Wandering

On a warm, overcast, morning I repeated yesterday’s promenade matinale. The staccato stabbing of a staple gun applied by a young man working on the ‘massive’ project of Hallmark builders in the grounds of The Spinney, followed me down the lane. 322 more words

Back in the Greenhouse

I don’t suppose we’ve had a particularly harsh winter in the UK but it seems to have dragged on forever. Late last year we finally bought a decent greenhouse but it was way too late in the year to make much use out of it. 478 more words

Nature & Gardening

Linda's lovely lupins

My sister, Linda, has a large and lovely garden, and is talented at creating beautiful arrangements for her equally beautiful home. It is interesting to think about how her floral style is different from mine, and how that matches our personalities. 40 more words


Small Steps Rather Than Springing Forward

The Small Joys of a Small Garden

After a very enjoyable visit from family last weekend, the allotment has been sadly neglected – I still haven’t planted my potatoes (“Expel her from the allotment club, right now!” I hear you scream in disgust) and not one seed has gone in direct this year. 337 more words

Grow Your Own

Ladybird / Ladybug / Ladybeetle.

As a warming Spring sun bathes the waking garden

And prompts the buds and shoots to swell and lengthen,

Green inverted snipped cocktail umbrellas

Make perfect sun-loungers for dozing ladybirds. 11 more words


Jam Plantations

#Agastache, #Gladioli, #Seedum, #Saxifrage, #Anemone, #Lupin, #Echinacea… Just some of the summer plants ive put in today. Each one good for the wildlife too. Just a question of will the grow. 85 more words