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Even though it happens each year without fail, I willingly forget the surprise of spring.  So it can, like, spring it on you.

You plant bulbs in the autumn and think you know exactly where you placed them, but the moment you turn your back they wriggle a metre from where you left them.  525 more words

Little Pops Of Wonder

Lessons From The Lupin Lady

My mom was a school teacher before my sister and I were born.  When we were a little older she started a pre-school at our house called Kid’s Garden.   962 more words

Current Conditions

Queenstown revisited.

Before we headed to Queenstown we actually stopped off for one night in Wanaka, now to risk repeating myself this is somewhere we really need to head back to. 761 more words

Aeroquest... Adagio 3

Adagio 3 – Homo Lupines


It was during the founding years of the Galtorr Imperium that genetically altered mutates, more commonly called “Freaks” were created in the laboratories of Faulkner Genetics.  581 more words


Aeroquest... Canto 7

Canto 7 – Good Doggie


Ged planned the mission to the Grange station just for Ham and himself.  Trav was put in charge of the star port and given strict orders not to blow anything up or do anything stupid.  554 more words