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#ILiveWithLupus - April 10, 2018

What should I eat?

One of the first questions newly diagnosed Lupies will ask me is, ‘So is there a specific Lupus Diet I should be eating?’ 415 more words

Lupus Awareness

My immune surpressants have been stopped.

On Saturday (07-04-18), I received a letter with the test results from my last Rheumatology appointment, bare in mind, the appointment was on the 15th March. 440 more words

#ILiveWithLupus - April 8, 2018

On Bad Days

I have always felt that there is a bit of a hole in the chain link fence of awareness campaigns. See awareness campaigns pose patients as warriors and survivors, and this has the very well meaning intention of offering hope and encouragement to those living through disease and disorders. 393 more words

Lupus Awareness

Some Days With Lupus

Some days as you battle lupus it will be hard and you will be sad. You’ll be mad and feel like garbage and won’t know how to pinpoint exactly where or why those feelings came up in your spirit so fast. 86 more words

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April /May Lupus Awareness Season

I am so excited about the April / May She Blossoms Lupus Awareness season. Just in case you are wondering, the topic this year is  44 more words

Lupus Awareness

#ILiveWithLupus - April 3, 2018

New Normals

I don’t know if I am weird because I have been ill so long, or whether I would be weird anyhow. I’m the child that the entire family isn’t ever sure of. 336 more words

Lupus Awareness

Best Superfoods A to Z

We know that the food we eat can create flares or prevent flares. Take some control over battling lupus with the foods you eat. Eat healthier and have less flaring. 29 more words

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