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Lupus Awareness: Gabby Williams

B1ACK GESUS: Lupus Awareness from B1ACK GESUS on Vimeo.

This video was put in place to support Lupus Awareness. Life can be very complicating at times and a lot of times we have things that we can’t control. 69 more words


Your Story Matters

Lupus may have stolen your ability to do the things you used to do. Lupus may have stolen your beautiful clear skin. Lupus may have stolen your hair or your peace of mind; But don’t ever let lupus steal your voice. 27 more words

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No Medicine Shame

This photo often pops up on my news feed. I always respond with, On the other side of that coin… imagine living in pain and suffering from a chronic illness that renders you helpless and hopeless and people telling you not to take the medicines prescribed that help you because of a cure they don’t have in their hand to give you to live a life without a life altering disease. 286 more words

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A Warrior

You beat lupus every day. You’re not just a survivor, you’re a WARRIOR fighting for your life every nanosecond. Walk in that power! YOU GOT THIS! 9 more words

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Change Your Focus

Don’t always focus on what lupus pain was in your body or the pain that has yet to come. Take time to create conscious thoughts on the wellness within you and invite your focus to be in ‘I am well ‘ mode. 73 more words

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Your Treatment

Don’t keep viewing how you treat your Lupus as an issue. It is what is keeping you alive to fight another day. Yes the medicines can cause other issues, but had it not been for some of the medicines you would be in more pain and possibly dead. 65 more words

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Upgrading to a new level of protection.

This weekend, I will be “walking” in the Lupus Foundation of America’s Los Angeles “Walk with Us to End Lupus Now”. If you know me, you know I will be donning my purple “LA Lupus Lady” cape to harness my “flair” to transform into a patient advocate/activist that shares “Lupus Awareness is fun.   328 more words