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For A Moment

Dear Lupus,

For a moment, I’m dropping the fake smile, letting the tears run, and I am releasing all of the pain created by you towards me. 249 more words

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What Face Are You Wearing Today?

I saw this post on Facebook last night. It was posted by the Lupus In Color Facebook page. They are often posting awesomely inspirational messages and posts for all of their followers, but this one in particular happened to catch my eye because it wasn’t like none I’ve seen from them. 61 more words


Happy Anniversary

Congrats to Lupus In Color for celebrating it’s 5th year serving the local community of Richmond, VA as a support group. On this day in 2012 we began our journey to bring education, awareness, support and encouragement locally. 46 more words

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Lupus Awareness Month! #ThisisLupus

What is Lupus?
Lupus is a condition that can affect many parts of the body and can range from mild to life threatening. There are some types of lupus that affects the skin. 213 more words

Invisible Illness

Friday the 13th Shenanigans 


A day were bad luck tends to lurk around every corner. People take extra care not to joke around with superstitions. And try to stay out of Jason’s way. 1,254 more words

Live ♥️

Sometimes when people see you living your life they don’t realize that you are pushing through the many issues of lupus that they never see. They look at you and think you are okay when in fact you really are not. 88 more words

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Know The Signs

Do you know the signs & symptoms of a Lupus Flare?

If you experience any of these symptoms below it may be a sign you are experiencing a flare… 56 more words