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Sometimes you can’t help but to tell the truth when someone asks you, “How are you doing dealing with lupus?” All you can say is, ” It just hurts, that’s all.” Either they understand or they don’t, either way, that’s your answer and it will have to do to explain where you are in your lupus battle. #LupusInColor

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Toni Braxton Speaks On Difficulty With Lupus

“It is challenging when I am working because I have to put on that smiley face anyway… that’s the toughest part when I have to perform.”


Not The Life I Ordered

This is not the life you ordered, but it’s the life you have. Stop allowing lupus to take your zest to live away. No, its not fun. 100 more words

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You Can Fight Lupus

You can fight lupus or let it beat the hell out of you. You can complain or put your fists up and punch back. You can cry as the victim or lift your hands in the air as the victor. 48 more words

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Be Aware

Be aware of how your negativity has an impact on your immune system. You can continue to damage it with a negative outlook, but your body will feel a little better if you tried a positive view. 18 more words

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Just Because

Just because there is no cure for lupus doesn’t mean you should give up hope in living beyond lupus’ grips. Don’t live in a, “I give up,” attitude. 28 more words

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