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Today I Cried

I spent the better part of an hour in tears today.  It wasn’t necessary as far as I was concerned, but then I’m not the medical expert so maybe it was necessary.   366 more words


Lupus Walk Dilemma

The Walk to End Lupus event I was fundraising for is this weekend. Like the 9th. TWO days from now.

I have been so gung-ho about going since I signed up at the beginning of the year. 572 more words

Lupus Awareness

Take A Break

Gentle Reminder: Stop and take a break there’s strength in taking a break!

Most times, as you battle lupus, you have to slow down, regroup and recharge. 21 more words

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If He Listened...

Beloved is a cautious soul when it comes to outdoor cooking.  He basically wants an iron-clad guarantee that there won’t be even the slightest hint of rain within a hundred miles or so of where he is cooking.   268 more words


Manage Stress

Stress can really make lupus worse. Manage your stress through silent time, daily walks in nature, relaxation, meditation and/or yoga. Remember that stress can be just as inflammatory to the body as your food. 23 more words

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I don’t discuss my lupus for pity, sympathy, or attention. I don’t discuss lupus to be judged and talked about. I talk about lupus because it’s a huge part of my life whether I like it or want it to be or not. 76 more words

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Hues And Cues

I’ve never been fully successful in matching the colors of lupus with my outfits.  Part of the issue is that I may start the day off without a rash on my face, but by the end the day it may be fiercely showing.   179 more words