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Feature Friday: Lupus Awareness

Alexis Teixeira was diagnosed with Lupus at age 14 and has fought for many years through testing and treatments to get proper help. When she was eventually married, she was currently receiving exams but developed preeclampsia after becoming pregnant with their daughter Gianna. 237 more words

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New Radio Show

We are trying something new by adding a radio show to our arsenal of raising awareness and giving support. The radio show is called Butterflies of HOPE. 67 more words

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Lupus Fog

Lupus Fog

An estimated 70-90 % of SLE Lupus patients will experience the infamous lupus brain fog. This is the most common form of central nervous system involvement in SLE and can be mild to severe, and vary from person to person… 220 more words

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Loving Someone who Lives with Lupus - #LupusLife 

A few weeks ago, Fred asked me, ‘How easy is it to be your friend?’ I laughed and told him, ‘You tell me.’

Being a friend to someone living with #Lupus has got to be the most frustrating situation ever. 481 more words

She Will Be A Woman Someday...

No Doubt

Whenever you begin to doubt yourself as to how much further you can go through the pains of lupus, remember how far you have come in the cloak of strength, courage, faith and power to overcome every second of every day. #LupusInColor

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A Lupus Warrior Is ...

What is a Lupus Warrior?

A lupus warrior is a fighter in the process of understaning what he or she needs to do to survive. People who learns how to accept and love themselves on all levels beyond the grips of lupus. 112 more words

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