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Just Keep Going

Important word of the day. Just keep going beyond any issues lupus brings. It will be hard, but I assure you your life and living beyond lupus is so worth it! #LupusInColor

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Dear Lupus Some Days

Dear Lupus,

Some days you make me wonder if this LIFE thing is really worth it. I mean if I have to deal with you for the rest of my life what’s the real purpose? 228 more words

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Sometimes all we need as a Lupus Warrior is someone to hear us and simply understand. Someone who won’t tell us if we changed our eating habits the disease would go away, someone who won’t tell us how we will overcome, someone who won’t tell us that God is a healer if only we believed more…… … 48 more words

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I AM WHAT I AM… — Dance with the devil

I’ve learned to own them, live and sooth them… they will always
be apart of my story…
I AM WHAT I AM… I am what I am, All imperfections included… from my #WHOOPWHOOP’S, #YEPYEP’S and #WHATWHAT’S to my pain, sorrow and sadness… I am what I am, because of the journey that was placed before me from imprisonment by cruel sick criminals, rapes, molestation, abuse, physical, mental and emotional…which tore my soul […] …
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Sometimes Your Greatest Supporter Is Your Pet

“I haven’t had an easy run since being diagnosed last year and I am only 24. My biggest supporter had to be in the photo with me. 20 more words


 Lupies Continue To Fight

My medical doctor, old rheumatologist and psychiatrists all have submitted information to the state of Michigan saying I am disabled and unable to work, but I have continued to be denied for my disability! 
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In The Present

You can feel guilty about having lupus, apprehensive about living beyond lupus, but you can only live in the present and bloom anyway. The ability to live in the present in spite of lupus is the key to your mental wellness to heal past the pain. #LupusInColor

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