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Testament of Strength

You are not a reflection of the lupus that is a part of you. You are the testament of the strength inside of you! #LupusInColor

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Love Yourself More

Loving yourself can be one of the hardest things to do while battling lupus. We get down on ourselves and notice every flaw. We focus on who we used to be instead of the greatness of who we are in this moment. 46 more words

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Butterflies of Hope Magazine

Butterflies of Hope

A Lupus In Color Publication

Article Submission Guidelines

We aim to publish a rich variety of lupus articles, stories and poetry, penned by both emerging and established writers. 234 more words

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Small Miracles

If you had to choose of dying today or tomorrow which would you choose? That is the difference between a person who needs more protection than a little to live to see the next day. 197 more words

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Four R’s

Sometimes you don’t feel like being positive. Sometimes you just want to cuss and scream and cry and bitch, moan and complain about it all. That’s ok do it!Don’t feel guilty either. 122 more words

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Enjoy The Little

As you battle lupus it’s important to enjoy the little things. Like one second without pain or the hug from your child or a sweet note of encouragement written to you from a friend. 14 more words

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It’s Okay To Have A Day

It’s okay to just have a day. I know you may be sad and upset with your current health situation. I know lupus can strip you of the good in your moments. 59 more words

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