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Rheumie Appointment Update

It has been a crazy busy week, it’s not over yet and I’m exhausted. It seems everything in life is all or nothing. Right now I’m in all. 598 more words

Raising Awareness of Invisible Illness 

Invisble illness, invisible disability……. To those who don’t have one, most would assume that it’s in your head. Thus invisible. However, this so far from the truth An Invisible Ilness is an illness that cannot be seen outwardly. 693 more words

The beginning

As a song once said

“Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start”

I did some soul searching before I started writing, and decided that I didn’t know where to start.. 448 more words


Wordless Wednesday - Kind of

The first few weeks of Storm’s absence was extremely difficult. It had been a while since something (or someone) that close to me had passed away. 489 more words

Happy Anniversary

Congrats to Lupus In Color for celebrating it’s 5th year serving the local community of Richmond, VA as a support group. On this day in 2012 we began our journey to bring education, awareness, support and encouragement locally. 46 more words

Blog Posts


This was the first thing I saw when I walked through the doors this AM for egg retrieval.

The other day I told Matt I felt like a pin cushion, so this was fitting. 58 more words