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The Fall

I had heard rumors, even been told directly that at times Lupus and RA can cause dizziness, lack of coordination and/or vertigo… well, I’ve had vertigo a couple times and if I ever get another attack it will come all too quickly! 455 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Some stuff #lupus

I went to see my neurologist today. The ENG I had in March was normal, which means I don’t currently have any Lupus stuff in my inner ear. 904 more words

Living On Purpose

There is a difference, I am finding, between living FOR a purpose and living ON purpose. When you are living for a or your purpose, you can miss out on things. 276 more words


Being a Vampire's GF Ain't Cheap

You’d think for as much as much blood as I’ve been donating the past couple months, I would start to get some nice dinners, handbags, flowers.¬† 553 more words

Health Issues

How the first Cytoxan therapy went

So on Friday 04/17/2015 I had my first round of Cytoxan Chemotherapy. It was a full eventful day of seeing doctors. At 9 am I had to see the Hematologist for my Chemo teach. 411 more words


Two Weeks Later

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st will be two weeks since the official “Lupus” diagnosis.

Acceptance was the hardest I must admit. The mood swings that come and go with knowing that you at some point anything could happen, my heart could fill with fluid, my lung, I could lose my kidney function….but right now that is the least of my ¬†worries. 408 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Travel far enough and you meet yourself. David Mitchell

Newport Beach, CA

Parents: you know your kids right? When I say “parents” I’m thinking of so many wonderful people! I could name you all, but then I just realized that my girls and I are blessed with many lovely parents in our lives and this would become an extremely long post!! 745 more words

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