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I feel strong today. My mind feels strong, my body feels strong, but most importantly, my soul feels strong. I have been doing well, friends. The fibromyalgia is giving me more trouble than anything. 288 more words

My Testimony

Growing Bucket List...

So…. my list is growing….

If I’m going to dedicate this much time, effort, sweat, tears and fear into doing the Rim To Rim of the Grand Canyon, why do only one major, physically arduous challenge?? 315 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I'm Back! Sherri Lynne from Sandridge Road

Hey family, I know it’s been awhile but I am back and ready to share some new experiences with you.

Hope everyone had been well and enjoying the warm weather, summer is finally here! 674 more words



In my previous article, Lupus…..Rheumatoid Arthritis……what do these have in common? I spoke about autoimmune diseases in general, what they are, and how they come about. 1,061 more words

Tender Points And Tender Joints

I had so many ideas come to mind when I ran across this post of the day. If you know me, and if you are aware of the way lupus makes me or any individual battling lupus feel, then you know that the word tender makes way for tons of options and angles to cover…. 340 more words



By Nicole Kiss

“Fair” is important when you’re fifteen,
And it didn’t seem fair to be in that bed
During Christmas
Or that I couldn’t breathe without a machine… 547 more words

Autoimmune Diseases

Guess who's in the Hospital?

Hey, readers! I have been in the hospital for the past one day because of pain and stuff so yeah I promise there will be an in-depth post of my admission soon, so look out for that, plus I am working on a beauty wishlist post, I am actually working on a few posts but I’m a bit slow because I’m new to blogging.

Yours truly,

Jasmine xo

Sickle Cell