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Let me introduce myself.

Hello blogging world!

I am a twenty seven year old stubborn woman (hence the username lol) born and raised in California. Ethnically I like to keep it simple and tell everyone that I am a mix of Thai and African-American. 486 more words


Lupus Tip #6

Lupus Tip #6:
Wash The Dishes

For those stiff hands in the morning leave dishes in the sink the night before. In the morning wash the dishes in warm soapy water. 28 more words

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Lupus Tip #5

Lupus Tip #5:

Choose your activities carefully and pace yourself. Even when us “Lupies” are feeling well, our health can take a turn for the worse, quickly.#LupusInColor

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A serving of self-loathing, with a dollop of death wish—the rise of autoimmunity? (Part 10)

Before I knew I was the proud owner of an immune system that couldn’t tell self from invader, doctors pushed sedatives on me.

They hypothesized that my buffet of bodily dysfunctions — stabbing pain around my lungs, clawed hands, ruddy and hot joints — were provoked by overwork and exams, stress or anxiety. 1,114 more words

Invisible Chronic Illness

New CID Lip Gloss Free with Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK, August Ed.)

Due to the worsening of my symptoms I have been stuck in my house all week and most of that time has been spent in bed I haven’t felt up to much but with my Mum’s encouragement and support she has helped me to write some posts. 406 more words

Chronic Illness

Exercise for Butterflies!

A lupie asked today what kind of exercise butterflies can do and it got me thinking… (I don’t literally mean butterflies, I mean people who have lupus!). 954 more words


Hello from my room!

I want to start off with 2 things before I get into my second post! First of all, thank you so much to everyone who followed me, reached out to me, shared, liked, commented and took the time to like my last post! 1,400 more words