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Sugar craving day

Some days you eat healthy, some days you just need to eat chemist Jellybeans in bed.



Later today, the first of what I hope to be a great many years of official introductions to my favorite bloggers and artists.

Seeing the 2 year anniversary mark for this blog took me back to the reason I started blogging…guess what?   83 more words

Lupies, Protect Yourself this Cold & Flu Season

I am strongly against receiving the flu vaccination as I feel there is no actual need. You receive the shot and become even more ill. The vaccine you are given isn’t necessarily the one circulating in your community, and the strand of the virus changes so frequently that it could change multiple times within one season. 64 more words


Sometimes It’s You

“YOU DIDN’T CAUSE LUPUS TO INVADE YOUR BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE, but you have a lot to do with how many controllable flares you could have prevented…” 6 more words


Hard Lupus Moments

These are the lupus moments that drive me crazy. That make me want to stomp lupus to death with steel toe army boots. I have had dysphagia for the past 5 days. 122 more words

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Good day

Take a smile… and Have a good day :)

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Truest Love

This is beautiful and very much an act of the truest love. I know I would give any part of my body to my girlfriend if she were to need it. 27 more words

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