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Lure fishing for bass in Winter

Lure fishing for bass in Winter

Is it worth the effort?

Yes, definitely!

There are of course, far fewer bass around in the Winter months, there’s no doubting that. 2,132 more words

How To Catch Bass

Early Spring Pike Excitement!

Northern pike is a top predator in Wawang Lake, and, a favorite game fish for anglers to catch.  Nothing excites a pike fisherman more than the quick, sharp jerk of a lure and the zipping sound of their line unspooling as they chase one of those monsters of the deep! 614 more words

Fishing TIPS

Trolling the Right Way

Trolling can be one of the most productive ways to scour a lake for fish. However, for those that believe it’s simply a matter of tossing out a lure and cranking up the motor, it can also be one of the worst. 1,022 more words

Fishing TIPS

When and Where to Find Northern Pike

Now, who does not love catching a hard fighting northern pike. The northern pike is a voracious predator that is usually perched on top of the local food chain. 861 more words

Fishing TIPS

Fishing - 1 January '17

I had a great start to the new year, picking up a couple of good sized Redfin perch from the kayak this morning. I estimate that I caught around 15 – 20 perch in three and a half hours (I stopped counting after eight), with only two being large enough or the table. 116 more words


Tips for Big Spring Pike

If you’re a ‘gator hunter, you’ll want to add these tips and tricks to your arsenal.

Springtime is pike time and that’s a good place to begin. 949 more words

Fishing TIPS

Pro Lure S36 Crank hard body lure – my new favourite big bream lure

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a cranking lure being smashed by a big bream while slow rolling over the flats, or that moment when a suspended hardbody on the pause is eyeballed by a big bream, for what seems like an eternity, before it decides enough is enough and sends your reel into a screaming frenzy. 36 more words
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