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Walleye Lures and Baits

To get a fish to bite, you need to know how, where, whe­n, and what it eats.

Walleye are most active in morning and evening. They feed on small yellow perch, small northern pike, lake herring, other small bait fish and you can often find them around schools of these smaller fish. 945 more words


Let me talk to you, not at you...

That’s why I started talking to you, I wanted to share my thoughts and genius. You have been seen as absent at times, I understand that I have too. 645 more words

Illness Adaptation

Antique Fishing Lures - 3 Ways to Find Out Where Antique Lure Prices Are Heading

If you are like most vintage lure collectors, then you are probably asking yourself constantly.. .where are lure values going?  If that is you… then you will need to read on.  The three ways to get a better handle on lure pricing trends are 1) other collectors 2) books and the internet 3… 6 more words

Bass Fishing Methods - Lures or Bait?

Bass Fishing Methods – Lures or bait?

I was desperate to go fishing during the few days that I had off this week. I knew that the sea was rough therefore, I knew it was also going to be very murky. 968 more words

How To Catch Bass

Jig Fishing Barcroft

Another, and probably one of the most versatile and year long successful methods of fishing for Largemouth on Lake Barcroft is Jig Fishing.  Fishing a jig is a productive technique for all seasons.  128 more words

Analysis from my Bass fishing diary - Part 5 (Dawn, Dusk or Daylight?)

Analysis from my Bass fishing diary – Part 5 (Dawn, Dusk or Daylight?)

This is Part 5 of a 12 Part series in which I will share my thoughts, conclusions and overall personal experiences of Bass fishing… 1,861 more words

How To Catch Bass