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Sneaked an hour before the weather turned (and before the Rugby!)

I couldn’t decide where to go this morning for a few hours, I really fancied the river to use up some worms I have left for some chub but with the strong winds forecast I decided to go to the canal and just have and hour or so lure fishing for the zander. 563 more words

Coarse Fishing

Queen Crab Today

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Types of fishing lures

Fishing with lures has many advantages:

  • Lures are less messy than bait.
  • Lures gut hook fewer fish (gut hooking is when the fish takes the hook deeply, or even completely swallows the hook).
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Lures from Cutlery

These guy’s are varying sizes and weights, designed for surf and flat water fishing. The lighter ones have a vigorous swimming action, which is good for pelagic fish top water fish, or shallower water species, such as flat head, long tom, trevally and cod. 50 more words


Last week of meteorological winter, and it feels like it...

3 fishing sessions this weekend, with varying success, all canal based.

I would love to be writing about another successful river lure fishing session like last weekend when I had 9 pike and a stunning perch from the Warwickshire Avon, but since the weather has been so wet, the river is a bit too high and coloured to make it worth the drive over so the ever reliable canal provides access to fishing. 740 more words

Coarse Fishing

The Key in Finding Those Summer Fish!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for those hot, lazy, crazy days of August and then someone says it’s too “hot” to catch any walleye! The excuses start: too hot, too calm, too much humidity, too many fish (walleye) and not enough days to fish them! 1,938 more words

Fishing TIPS

Using Minnows to Catch Walleye

Many of you have probably fished for walleye using live minnows and found that they didn’t stay on the hook for long or died fairly quickly. 664 more words

Fishing TIPS