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Wyndham Lure Shower

With the Perseid Meteor Shower upon us, we’re going to be showering local Pokemon Go players with Pokemon.

Tonight from 7pm till Midnight, Wyndham Park will be full of Pokemon Spawning from constantly lured Pokestops, through to the early hours of Sunday morning. 75 more words


Which is Best - Live Bait or Lure?

It’s one of fishing’s most common questions – what’s the best choice: real bait or artificial lures? In reality, there’s NO one-size-fits-all answer to this timeless dilemma. 879 more words

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Does Lure Color Matter Underwater?

Most anglers have a favorite lure and swear that their choice will out-perform all other offerings. But just how important is color when it comes to lure selection? 616 more words

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Get the Most Out of Your Crankbaits

How to Get the Most out of Your Crankbaits There is perhaps no lure more versatile than a crankbait. This style of lure will catch fish of all species in all seasons, whether you’re casting or trolling. 1,192 more words

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Transition Walleye - Between Patterns

Although rivers get a ton of attention in the early part of the walleye fishing season, there is an army of anglers that concentrate their efforts fishing natural lakes and mid-sized reservoirs this time of year. 1,170 more words

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The Complete Pike Arsenal

Some of us like to target pike. From the time the ice melts until the lakes freeze over again, we’re out on the water slinging heavy metal on big-diameter rods fishing all day for just a couple of bites. 906 more words

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