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Santa’s Christmas Shower Cream Review

Yum yum yum did someone say a cola scented shower cream? Lush did! Santa’s Christmas shower cream is out for Christmas this year at Lush and it’s perfect for all the sweet scent lovers. 199 more words


Lush FOMO jelly face mask

Hi guys!

First of all I’ll introduce myself, my name is Estelle and I’m one of Becca’s friends. As I work in Lush we thought it might be fun for me to do a couple of posts about some products I love and tell you more about what makes them so special :) 358 more words


Berry Berry Christmas Naked Shower Gel Review

Berry Berry Christmas Naked/Solid shower gel – my first naked shower gel. At first I was doubting Lush as most people were, but I absolutely love the idea now! 253 more words


LUSH - Don't Look At Me (Review)

This week I’ve decided to give you guys a face mask review by LUSH Cosmetics called Don’t Look At Me. I’ve decided to review this product because I’ve using it for about two months now I think, and I’ve been really happy with it. 531 more words

Part 1 - What Lush 'Essentials' are in my bathroom?

Happy Tuesday guys!

I excessively hoard Lush products, so I cant keep my whole stash in the bathroom because there just isn’t enough room. To put this in perspective, on the last count I had 50 shower gels and they’re just the 250g bottles… I think I have a Lush problem. 364 more words


Lush Cosmetics Haul!

Hi all! Today I’ve got a soapy, bubbling and glittering aesthetic haul for you under the cut! 774 more words


Lush Rocket Science Bath Bomb


Before I get into this post I just wanted to mention a little update that I have made to my blog. Those of you who are following me on… 334 more words