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Review: Snow Fairy Shower Gel by Lush Cosmetics

Snow Fairy has got to be my most irresistible sweet shower treat with awesome lustre to date. Oh Lush, I love these fluffy pink sparkly bubbles! 131 more words


Ballistics and Sparkling Red Slippers: A Mini Lush Review

Combating a dreary start to the week with a couple of cheer-inducing bathtime goodies from Lush, Sparkling Red Slippers bubble bar and a Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb. 247 more words


The Kiss Lip Scrub from Lush

I am an everyday user of Lush lip scrubs because I have an awful habit of biting my lips in my sleep. I choose Lush lip scrubs over all others not only because of Lush’s ethical buying policies but because they give instant results and with minimum effort. 318 more words


Skin & Beauty Favourites of 2016

I don’t think a blog would be complete without the odd article about the favourite products, whether it is make up, skin care or hair care. 1,098 more words


Lush Yog Log Roulade Review

The final item from my Lush Boxer Day Sale is the Yog Log Roulade which smells like spicy caramel. Now I just have to wait for Christmas 2017 to arrive. 146 more words

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Melomint Bubble Bar from Lush

Whenever a product with peppermint in becomes available I snap it up. I wouldn’t say that peppermint was one of my most favourite scents, it however works wonders on the dreaded feeling of nausea which is a common side effect for me because of the medication I have to take. 429 more words


Lush Snowcastle Review

I’ve got a few more items left in my Lush Boxer Day Sale including the delightful Lush Snowcastle Soap.

What’s to love?

Snowcastle is a fairly large soap that’s shaped like a castle with 29 1/2 in the center. 121 more words

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