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Lush Haulin'

Y’all, I’m super excited to share with you some of my Lush body care favorites! I usually treat myself to a few bath bombs a few times a year, since they can get pricey. 586 more words

Cats and Roses: [Lush Cocktail Recipe]


   This Lush Cocktail Recipe offers a depth of warmth and wintertime magic to the bath tub. With richly sweet floral aromas and silky soft water that brings to the fore images of fluffy furred kitties playfully skulking under rose bushes, waiting to pounce on their fellow kitty companions. 1,328 more words

Lush Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics: Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask Review

So recently I have started a whole new skin-care-binge if you can call it that so I have bought a bunch of face masks. My excuse is that in my line of work we have overnight shifts, so I need to take care of my skin/face/eye bags and show them extra love… 614 more words

Skin Care Review

A love letter to my bath

I never used to see the point in baths. I had the same outlook on them as Chandler Bing, “So what you just sit there stewing in your own filth?”. 279 more words


My Morning Skincare Routine

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I do is wash my face with the Clinique foaming face wash for dry to very dry skin. 63 more words


Lush Henna Hair Dye - Review

After destroying my hair over the years from chemical dyes, I left my hair for a few years to recover but finally decided it was time to spice things up from the norm. 1,010 more words


When I (and others) Quit LUSH...

I’m sorry for the rant but I gotta put it out there…

So as most people know you usually give two weeks notice into your job when you leave because it’s in your contract to do so, but what is also in my contract was a guaranteed amount of hours I work each week. 874 more words