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A future in the city of sin

What the fuck am I doing. It’s the only question I have right now. How did I get myself here, to this new place? I don’t know if I’m hearing music or if that constant buzz is just the constant headache of this city. 873 more words

Sugar Dating

How to be the one wanted by every man - revised


Terrible idea in the first place, how do I come up with these?

Every time the structure starts to fall apart, I cross my fingers and tell myself lies. 841 more words

"Tell me what I want to hear"

Los Angeles was not a sugar date. My man there has definitely run his course. He is buying experiences. He cares about himself and cheaply purchasing an imaginary human connection. 538 more words

Sugar Baby

Machine vs. mammal

More up than down, more good than bad, luck where I don’t deserve it, and an abundant supply of men and money! I am not malcontent. 410 more words

Sugar Baby

Common man's Blog Hacked by Corporate Terrorist

This country has become a target for global economic terrorist like Walmart India that foresee that they will be able to sustain their dark reign on humanity if they are able to enslave all the systems of this country. 420 more words

Walmart India

Mo Money Please

Often times we dig ourselves into the miseries of life by our pursuit of worldly pleasures and securities.  We do not realize it until we are engulfed in its vicious fury.  646 more words