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Coconut Curls

Inspired by her scent, from the tree of life, that left the lower part of my face numb for 20 minutes (2017-2018)

It really is stupid to find a metaphor that describes the heat from your hands transferring to the delicacy of hair that hates being caressed, but loves getting tugged on. 410 more words


Come to my rescue!

Tiny and steady

The steps she took

While walking in here

To capture my soul

Diamond like eyes

Shining on the outside

The power of that gaze… 112 more words

“Lust, as all things, fades with the passing of years.”

Illythia (Spartacus)

Movie Lines

For The Girl With The Braid (let's pretend)

(Let’s pretend that I didn’t write this. Seriously it’s easier that way. I don’t want to discuss this hyperbolic mess)

Let’s pretend I’m writing fiction. 277 more words


La otra

(Alternate title: There I was, when….)

I was at my brother’s house. I was maybe 15 at the time. I found myself alone inside the house with my brother’s friend, who, mind you, was about 12 years older than me. 778 more words

Lingering Finger (The Poem)

I have eyes for you

Your friend too

As well as her cousin, the one in blue.

The one forever fiddling with her shoe

It’s not something to think about… 230 more words


'high' ways

She needs wild
and a bottle of whiskey.
Mad love
and a long hard ride.
to keep her alive.

Anna K Peters