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Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation - Martin Luther

In the first of Luther’s three tracts published in 1520, To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation out the signature doctrines of Lutheranism.  These include the priesthood of all believers and the two kingdoms.  58 more words

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I Finally Understand Objections to Lutheranism

Lutherans are pink:

Religious and cultural Lutheran values have shaped Nordic societies for centuries. But instead of encouraging capitalism as in Calvinist Europe, Lutheranism promoted a social-democratic welfare state in the Nordic world.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum

Lutheranism in Russia

Vladimir Putin continues to crackdown on religions that are “non-traditional” to Russia, persecuting people because of their religious beliefs on a scale unknown since Soviet days.  

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Falling Gracefully

* a sermon preached at New Hope Lutheran Church on July 9, 2017 *

Since sermons are primarily intended to be heard, you can listen along here… 1,195 more words


The Thirty Years War

The Thirty Years’ War was a sequence of wars located in Europe beginning in 1618 and ending in 1648. Religion was a major factor that contributed to starting the war and spreading it to other areas. 150 more words


Augsburg Confession, Article XXI - The Worship of the Saints

We’re getting closer and closer to the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. October 31st this year will mark the 500th anniversary of Luther posting the 95 Theses. 1,281 more words


The Lord's Prayer: Our Father

While the Lord’s prayer is a well-known part of a church service, I sometimes wonder if there is a lack of intentionality and consideration in the recitation of the Prayer. 1,347 more words