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Beckett: Exodus 31:12-18 Commentary - The Sabbath

Exodus 31:12-18 (Translation)

12, And Yahweh said to Moses,
13, “You are to speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘Above all you shall keep My Sabbaths, for this is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I, Yahweh, consecrate you. 2,792 more words


My Favorite Reformation Hymns?

Hallo und guten Tag, Leute! Wie geht’s? 

Reformation season is officially upon us! We’ve got about two weeks left until Reformation day so in church we’ve been having Reformation-themed sermons which have been really, really nice. 940 more words


Book of Concord Drawing, Reformation 2018

Five hundred one years ago on October 31, Martin Luther posted ninety-five theses.  Those theses sparked a discussion in the one holy catholic and apostolic Church that is still ongoing.  164 more words


Beckett: Poetry - Let Us Pray

O brothers,
let us pray
to be good leaders
in the House of God.

O sisters,
let us pray
to grow as mothers
and conceive God’s children. 41 more words


Beckett: Poetry - A Prayer in Spring

Let the flowers bloom today
and do not make the warmth so distant
as those uncertain meteorologists;
bloom the flowers so we may harvest Your will. 82 more words


The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church (1887) [Selected Chapters]

A) About the author of the book:

“George H. Gerberding was born in Pittsburgh in 1847. He served as a missionary and pastor in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Fargo, North Dakota, and as president of the Lutheran Synod of the Northwest and of the Chicago Synod. 2,347 more words

Summed Up

Beckett: Poetry - Crack of My Heart

I heard my heart crack
     as it ripped in two.
It fell with a thwack!
    as a cold breeze blew.

I watched it lifeless
     on the marble floor. 66 more words