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Purgatory: A Lesson taught by Christ?

What is it about purgatory that divides Catholics from Protestants? Does it actually have to do with justification? At first, I think it’s important to state that there is only so much that we can possibly know about purgatory—like Heaven or hell. 1,258 more words


Conversations With My Toddler: Crucifixes vs. Crosses

Recently, Babykins has started to notice the crucifixes in our bedrooms. My husband and my bedroom has one hanging above our bed, the nursery has one hanging above the closet door. 97 more words

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Same-Sex Attraction: Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

So, to whom shall we go? We go to Jesus, who offers Himself and His many gifts given to the Church—given to you. When you go to Divine Service, you will find yourself to be a sinner-saint who is in dire need of Jesus.

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Lutheranism - The First 500 Years, Part Two, 1617 to 1717

The second 100 years of Lutheranism began with what caused many people to immigrate from Europe to America. For many centuries the princes, kings and emperors of Europe engaged in an endless succession of wars. 989 more words

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A Pilgrimage to New Cana

Open Secrets
Richard Lischer
Broadway Books, 2001. 239 pp.

In December of 2016, my wife and I drove “ of Upper Alton… up a state road…” 1,453 more words

Book Recommendations

The Freedom of a Christian // Martin Luther (trans. by Mark D. Tranvik).

There’s nothing quite like Martin Luther, one of the Magisterial Reformers, to harken near 500 years after first penning this and show how faulty and insufficient your gospel has been. 258 more words

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500 Years Verses 1600 Years

Armenia, a former Soviet republic located between Europe and Asia, embraced Christianity enthusiastically about 1600 years ago. It became the first country in the world… 192 more words

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