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Are Today’s Women Trying To Out-Do Men In Quest For Sex?

ARE today’s women trying to out-do the men in their quest for sex? When we accuse some men of being lechers, isn’t their success to do with the connivance of their ‘victims’? 757 more words


Happy Anniversary to my Super Hero in Disguise.

Thank you for 13 years of: good times, UFO times, roadtrip fireworks times, supper times, soup times, happy times, garden times, fabulous times, snack times, stupid infusion times, burger times, fun times, sad times, lovely times, ungodly appointment times, hilarious times, sweater times, DQ Blizzard times, silly times, chocolate chip cookie times, driving times, frustrating times, sushi times, vacation times, lunch times, bath times, and all those times I can’t remember to mention.



LUV - Apink (Видеоклип, Южная Корея #MV) (новое на topKlip.net)

Новая запись LUV – Apink (Видеоклип, Южная Корея #MV) по ссылке: http://topklip.net/luv-apink-mv/
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Summer Vac. <3 <3

ohhh nooo..

Summer vacation ended and school have started..

This is like shit..

Anyway, i’m gonna talk about the best moments at the summer vacation not the “unfun” school time. 160 more words


5 Stocks Bucking or Surviving the Market Selling Trend on Monday

The market carnage appears to be subsiding, but only subtly from what were session lows. The S&P 500 dipped as low as about 100 points and the Dow was down over 1,000 at one point. 623 more words


Who Do You Love More Him or You?

I went to Happy Hour the other day with a friend and the conversation about love came up. Of course I have had my fair share of what I thought love was but I guess I was wrong because I’m still single with no prospects on deck, so I listened as she vented to me. 660 more words

Who is Kenni??

I think it would be proper if I introduced myself to my readers and tell you what my blog is about. As I listen to Beyoncé sing through my speakers my favorite song No Angel this moment seems fitting. 288 more words