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The Book Blogger Test Tag

Hi there,

I was tagged to do this by my lovely friend AlexandraReads from TheHufflepuffNerdette a while back. So here you go folks.

1. What are your top three book pet peeves? 399 more words

Kirsty Moesley

Reseña Saga Lux: Obsidian

En esta reseña sobre la saga lux, voy a tratar cada libro de forma individual, y voy a hacer una valoración y un comentario sobre toda la saga a la vez, en el conjunto de todos los libros que forman la historia principal, quitando los libros que cuentan el punto de vista de Dawson o partes de puntos de vista de Daemon. 336 more words

Reseñas Libros

Brain dead... and rugs

I just had 9hrs of classes today on 5hrs of sleep so am more than a bit braindead right now, so I will keep this short and sweet. 64 more words



Every once in a while, I find a tidbit about Lux, the difficult cat I fostered for celebrity cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy in 2014. Because I can’t run around the country visiting cats as often as I’d wish, I have to take information where I can get it. 90 more words

Cat Behavior

Chapter 22: Crown of Feathers

The Lightshield Library was located in the northern wing of the Citadel of Dawn, and it was nothing like Luxanna imagined it. It was very different from the one in the Crownguard Palace, not round and built under a typical Demacian cupola. 4,570 more words

League Of Legends

Mourning Star by Gemini Syndrome

Here’s the thing: a song doesn’t have to be “slow and quiet” to be sad, and Mourning Star by Gemini Syndrome is quite a proof of that. 579 more words