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Luxembourg City to Brugge, Belgium

27 October 2017

Overnight Location: Brugge, Belgium

Overnight Cost: €18

Overnight Coordinates: 51.19631°N 3.22547°E

Tracker: https://track.gs/zmrUVH


Baden Baden, Germany to Luxembourg City

26 October 2017

Overnight Location: Kockelscheuer Campsite, Luxembourg City

Overnight Cost: €25

Overnight Coordinates: 49.57227°N 6.10858°E

Tracker: https://track.gs/zmrUVH


Sterren komen, sterren gaan, alleen Elvis blijft bestaan…Een voorbeschouwing op Michelin BELUX 2018

Je vindt me wel eens op restaurant, zoals sommigen onder jullie wel weten….ieder jaar komt dan wel weer de vraag: wat denk je voor de Michelin, wie krijgt een ster (derbij)?? 992 more words

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Annoying guy won't stop touching friend's arm during conversation 

Tempers rose today after a seemingly quiet and fun conversation turned into a strange touchfest.

As two men were enjoying a cold beer in a local bar, a silent rage was building inside one of the friends as the other one would not stop touching his arm while talking. 57 more words

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A Bientôt Nice!

Saying goodbye to a place you lived in is never easy, and this time is not an exception. Even if my relationship with Nice was complicated.  517 more words


Temporary ...

In response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge Temporary .