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We love an idea here at Hickeysonic towers, a concept, a through line and such. So it came to be that, no doubt the worse for a few sherries, I was charmed by the idea of the 28 days of February aligning with the 28 countries of the European Union our parliament had just agreed we’d trigger article 50 and leave. 693 more words


Luxembourg's traditional carnival pastry

In Luxembourg, we love carnival! But we also love food, so it is no surprise that we have our own traditional carnival food. The most popular pastry would be the “Verwuerelter”, which are basically just delicious dough-knots. 287 more words


Lust im Vorfeld der nächsten Let’s Talk About History-Konferenz ein bisschen Wissen vorzuschnuppern?

Die Juniorprofessur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel der TU Chemnitz liefert in ihrem Projekt “Ehrendes Gedenken, Schatten der Vergangenheit: Portugiesische Erinnerungskulturen” erste Einblicke in das Gedenken und das Vergessen Portugals an seine Geschichte. 12 more words


Unpayable debts and an existential EU financial crisis - Is the break-up of the euro now inevitable?

Central banks can go bust in a currency union. The Bank of Italy is flirting with danger, racking up €364bn in ECB liabilities that the Italian state cannot easily cover… 164 more words

Amsterdam, City of Museums (Day 2)

Breakfast! Jonathan went to a place the day before I arrived for an omelet and he said it was marvelous, but that there would be a line; I didn’t mind. 1,828 more words


Luxembourg opens embassy in Brazil

Luxembourg declared its intention to open its own embassy in Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, this autumn.

The first head of mission will be the director for consular and international cultural relations in Luxembourg’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Carlo Krieger. 60 more words



This is a short walking tour of Luxembourg City.  Luxembourg is a landlocked country bordered by Belgium, Germany, and France.  Its culture , people, and languages are intertwined with its neighbors, making it a mixture of German and French cultures.  182 more words

Vantage Rhine River Cruise