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The "P" Word

The click clack of keyboards tangled with a trace of warm coffee. My browser window played host to a number of tabs – email, Facebook, a few google searches. 624 more words

Peace Corps

(almost) Glam

I often wondered what it feels like

To have a closet full of such names

A Prada, an LV, a Gucci, an Hermes

Not to forget the pairs that lines up and persuades. 131 more words



Yes. There IS a period after the one word sentence.  Let’s be real, I need a megaphone in the middle of the mall to say some things to teenagers. 905 more words


A simpler way...

I keep nourishing this dream I have of maybe finding a place where I can live simpler. Be one with who I truly am, take advantage of nature’s resources and so on. 376 more words

Letter From The Editor

The Nonsense of the Low Income Life.....

My phone buzzes.  I don’t rush to pick it up right away because to be honest, I was in the middle of exploring my new found hobby for the summer, embroidery.   712 more words



How often do you we try to stop and think of all the things that we have been blessed with? How often? The answer will be rarely, or in most cases, never. 325 more words


Appreciation Instead of Envy

This week for Meal Plan Monday I mentioned not going grocery shopping at all this week.  I cheated.  I bought some blueberries and a packaged salad one day but spending about $5 is better than the $25-$40 I have been known to spend on groceries for the week. 732 more words