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What Have I To Do With This World?!

‘Abdullāh ibn Mas‘ūd رضي الله عنه narrates that the Messenger of Allāh slept on a straw mat once, and when he got up, it had made marks on his side. 142 more words



Shopping days in Seoul, compared with Myeong-dong, I prefer the lotte world in Songpa which is the new landmark of joy and leisure of Seoul. Here, in addition to the first-class shopping environment, the new shopping centre feels more all-encompassing, from the international luxury brands to South Korea famous brands to street designers , all surprised me. 118 more words

Blogging With Saint John: The world will go down to destruction.

Revelation 18

An angel now proclaims a series of dirges lamenting the fall of Babylon. John’s audience would understand this as a prophecy of the destruction of the Roman Empire. 350 more words


Running Luxuries

Remember those days when all you needed for an enjoyable run was good health, running shoes and shorts? It’s amazing what time and technology can do to a person; today the average runner cannot leave home without plugs of some kind dug into their ears attached to either a musical device or, more commonly, a smart phone. 600 more words


CB I Hate Perfume - Winter 1972

I will tell you up front, I am sick of winter. If I could skip winter permanently, I think I might. Being sober during the Sno-acolypse of 2015 (soley for the good of my unborn perfume collector), arguably the hardest season I have ever experienced, has been a boring and fattening experience. 227 more words

Eau De Parfum

Dove Skewer

Cordoba has the best dove hunting all over the world, since there is more than a million doves flying and alighting over the northern area of the province. 276 more words

Dove Shooting