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See a Cirque du Soleil Show

For my 22nd birthday in 2016, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show in Toronto. I had always dreamed of going to a show, but… 152 more words

Dazzling Luzia Pours into Los Angeles

Luzia-A Waking Dream of Mexico is the grand and beautifully designed new Cirque du Soleil show that blends beauty and physical finesse into a variegated feast for the eyes. 327 more words

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Cirque Du Soleil LUZIA Lights Up Plaza Mexico

Cirque Du Soleil “LUZIA” and Plaza Mexico partner for a launch event in preparation for “LUZIA’s” arrival to Los Angeles.

A one-of-a-kind projection show will light up the Main Plaza Façade and take audiences on a surrealist journey inspired by the vibrant and breathtaking wonders of LUZIA. 177 more words

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Field Trip; But First: Phases of My Butt

A couple years back I noticed that my tuchas has developed an oddly triangular profile.

Recently, I noticed that it has once again returned to a triangular shape. 568 more words



The image above, though an amazing display of perfect balance, was only the first level of this act.  The poles he is balancing on were added to, step by step, until there were a total of six on each side.  48 more words



Kelly and Grzegorz are the featured performers in this acrobatic dance segment of the Luzia show.  They leap, spin and flip across the stage in a beautiful combination of latin dance moves and gymnastic thrills. 77 more words


LUZIA: A Cirque du Soleil Show

I remember as a little girl attending the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Omni in Atlanta each year.  As we would leave the show we always stopped somewhere totally child-friendly for dinner (a playground was usually involved in this stop) where my siblings and I would proceed to play on the playground as if it were our 3-ring circus.   766 more words