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Star City Post Birthday Celebration ♥

So me and my friends went to Star City last November 11 for my post birthday celebration. I know, I know, late na naman post ko. 481 more words


We have whaaat...

That is what I asked myself when I came to sit in the gazebo after a long day ~ as I walked up the cobblestone pathway suddenly stopping as I gazed at all the animals that had wandered over ~ turning in a circle I was amazed to see an elephant, then a giraffe and oh my a wallaby along with a Mother wolf with her cubs playing ~ gulping and not sure what to do entirely because the elephant could stomp my little oasis to bits and the wolf could surely make me their dinner so I stood silently and just watched ~ then a peace came over me as I watched this magnificent sunset as it all made for a picture postcard that I must share with you ~ dream or not, fantasy or not I just pinched myself to enjoy this moment as I hope you will as well ♥♥ 142 more words

Full Time with VisionEvents Manchester

After recently moving back to the north west I have found full time work with VisionEvents Manchester, a full live events production company. It’s been great fun so far and I’m looking forward to the events lined up ahead! 9 more words


Engineering at Living North Awards 2016

This week I’ve had an amazing time running front of house and monitors for one of the stages at the Living North Awards event in St Nicholas Cathedral. 11 more words


Things You Should Know about Dog Fleas

There are various misconceptions among the dog owners regarding the health hazards of their dog and one such misconception is definitely about the fleas. In the past few years, I have met many dog parents, who think fleas can attack only those dogs, who live on the street. 263 more words

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Summer afternoons on the Terrace

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working with Clear & Loud PA Hire to bring live music to the terrace of The Cumberland Arms. 11 more words


If you Have a Dog this is What You Should know About Heartworms

Creepy, life threatening parasites, heartworms attack an animal’s heart and cause congenital heart problems if not treated in right time. Heartworms are transmitted from one animal to another, after one is bitten by mosquitoes. 284 more words

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