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Arch with a Bang or ArchBang

More and more arch based non-systemd projects are converging to Artix, officially or unofficially we can’t tell, as officially Arch-OpenRC and Manjaro-OpenRC have taken the responsibility for the Artix creation. 452 more words


An artix backround and customizing sddm login screen

Are you using sddm as a display manager and login screen together with the artix-sddm-theme?

All the relevant configuration files are located in /usr/share/sddm/themes/artix and on /etc/sddm.conf… 290 more words


Artix display managers and Openbox or LXDE

I am amazed how well Artix has been running and once you get comfortable it appears to be among the simplest to configure linux distributions. 349 more words


Thoughts on window managers

From what it was revealed on the Manjaro forum the emphasis is on the core of the system and not the window managers.  LXQT is an evolution of LXDE to be based on QT that is a base that somehow isolates it from the remaining system below.   568 more words


Installing Artix from scratch

I had no problems myself, first try, first hit.

Actually it is the best installer I have used yet.

I then moved on, scraped LXQT which I dislike and installed openbox and then LXDE. 9 more words


Run Raspberry Pi PIXEL Desktop on a PC or Mac – an Exton modified Build 170425 with Refracta Tools

NEWS 170425 about Raspberry Pi Debian Pixel
I have updated my first Debian Pixel Build from 161223. Study all included packages – latest by 170425. I’ve also added… 136 more words