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Debian Jessie (LXDE) autologin

Seperti halnya Lubuntu, kita juga bisa membuat user Debian Jessie (LXDE) login secara otomatis. Begini caranya.

  1. Buka terminal, lalu ketik su untuk login sebagai root.
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Run ArchEX (Arch Linux) 64/32 Bit dual Build 160724 with kernel 4.6.4 and LXDE superfast!

WHAT IS ArchEX dual?
ArchEX 64bit/32bit dual is a new (160724) Linux live DVD based on Arch Linux. Arch motto is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid… 198 more words


Hello Jessie!

Setelah sekian lama bersama Lubuntu, kini saya mencoba mendekati Jessie, salah satu varian terbaru Debian. Meski sama-sama menggunakan desktop environment berbasis LXDE, namun si Jessie sejauh ini terasa lebih ringan dibanding Lubuntu. 212 more words


Fedora 24 on Multisystem USB

I tend to keep installers for a number of distros I like on a USB drive so I can quickly boot them up on different hardware. 275 more words


Fedora LXDE 24

It is all the greatness of Fedora without having to deal with Gnome. It is lightweight and runs like a champ. Unfortunately it does not come with a screenshot tool or a graphical package manager. 66 more words


Raspbian 8 on Raspberry Pi 2

I ran Raspbian on my old Raspberry Pi only to end up selling it because it was not worth the hassle. Then for some reason I bought a Raspberry Pi 2. 97 more words

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