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Change screen brightness in LXDE

I decided to play around with LXDE on a cheap laptop I bought in an employee auction recently (on which I’m running Linux Mint Debian Edition… 496 more words


Adjust brightness in LXDE Linux

This is a little diversion from the usual stats.

I’ve been running LXDE Debian Linux on my small laptop for a while, and I’m really pleased with it. 282 more words


Fedora, LXDE, security updates notification sent to desktop

Recently wondered what would be useful notification method about new updates on the Fedora with LXDE desktop with . After a quick research I came with quite simple, but sufficient solution. 150 more words


A little auto-startup headache relief. LDXE autostart file not read/ran.

How fitting for my first short post. I spent hours banging my head trying to figure out why my apps were not auto-starting with the xWindows LXDE sessions. 110 more words


Fedora 21

Fedora Is An Operating System Based On The Linux Kernel, Developed By The Community Supported Fedora Project And Owned By Red Hat. The Fedora Project’s Mission Is To Lead The Advancement Of Free And Open Source Software And Content As A Collaborative Voluntary Community. 535 more words

Free Open Source Software

Lightweight Ubuntu: LXDE Desktop from Scratch

The overall Linux performance depends on the amount of system resources your desktop environment is using. Lightweight desktop environments such as LXDE consume less resources, and are ideal for older computers that can’t keep up with heavier Linux desktop environments. 1,014 more words


exGENT 32 bit (Gentoo) with LXDE using kernel 3.16.5-gentoo-exton

NEWS 141205
I’ve made yet a new version (20141205) of exGENT. This time for the 32 bit architecture. I call it exGENT 2015 LXDE Live DVD… 186 more words