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Zech 12:3


(3) The two other time we have encountered the stone in Zechariah it was a reference to Jesus Christ (Zech 3:9, 10:4). So it seems that there is likely a similar allusion here, particularly when we add Matt 21:44 to the mix. 182 more words

Jeff Scoggins

Lexicography for the Church

In the bleak midwinter of England, it’s easy to start questioning everything. Roughly halfway through my first year of doctoral research at Cambridge, there have been times already that I have wondered “why am I doing this?” From what I gather at tea time with my fellow researchers at… 592 more words


Zech 10:4


(4) Translators are unsure of whom “him” refers. Some say Judah and some the Messiah. The Hebrew and the LXX Greek use the third person singular not the plural. 396 more words

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Zech 9:15


(15) When they go out to war the Lord will protect them and they will devour their enemies. They will also subdue sling-stones. Translators take a wide variety of approaches to make sense of subduing sling-stones: stepping on sling-stones, subduing enemies with sling-stones, and subduing stone-slingers. 325 more words

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Zech 9:12


(12) God has been speaking to Israel and so it makes the most sense that this verse would continue God’s word to them, particularly since He called them prisoners of hope. 246 more words

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Septuagint Day: An Interview with Karen Jobes

It’s hard to believe that it’s already upon us, but if you were not aware, today is the ninth annual International Septuagint Day. If you are interested, you can find out a bit more about what that means in my… 1,289 more words