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Yes, You Can Fly

Keeping Your Confidence

The job search can sometimes be a demoralizing thing. Sometimes despite your best efforts to sell yourself on your resume and cover letter, those documents end up feeling kind of fake. 236 more words


Social Media Influencer Marketing Is The Future

September 14, 2017 –  If you haven’t known by now, social media influencers are not a trend anymore; they’re the standard now.  What platforms do Social media influencers  typically exist on?   273 more words


Weed Out Weaklings

Imagine sitting at your computer or (for the Luddites among us) at your typewriter. Your newest sparkling prose sits comfortably in view, and yet no matter how much you love every carefully crafted syllable, you still have an inkling that there might, just possibly, be room for improvement. 807 more words