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Statement on the Litvinenko Case

Yesterday while I was at the Winter Graduation ceremony, one of the esteemed  Emeritus Professors in the Department of Physics of Astronomy, Norman Dombey… 123 more words

New Years Resolutions...More Writing in 2016!

I got up at 7:30AM this morning. Ok, so that’s not early for most of you but it is for me LOL! My kids have been trained to sleep in. 901 more words

Dear Amber, Lili, etc...

Dear ‘other women’….

I know you think you won a battle, took the prize. I used to blame you. Then I realized a few things. Number one, if he can’t be faithful to his wife of 18 years, I can assure you he can’t be faithful to you, a simple side piece he is using to boost his fragile, aging ego. 483 more words


Tourism Alternatives On Your Next Holiday: Montreal vs. Seattle

Visiting Montreal is a handle, but when you’re attempting to determine whether you wish to go Seattle or there, it can be rough. As Montreal only better in every sense, you might say that both are comparatively great towns to visit, but prefer it. 294 more words


Tối mùa thu tháng 10 nhớ về ngày hè nóng bỏng năm ấy :)))))) 24 more words

Tâm Sự Mỏng

6.251 Moksim Steak


13 (Sun) September 2015

Moksim Steak


at Heukdon Yeonga

-Bukchang, Seoul-

with LY

The Prodigal Son Returns to Attend His Son’s Preschool Open House, Day 2 (see previously… 197 more words

From the Editor's Desk: Adverbial Traps

Once more, I’ll endeavor to go some of my (somewhat) informed opinion, this time regarding -ly adverbs. I recently elucidated a bit about the pitfalls of using these lovely (see what I did there) adverbs in conjunction with dialogue. 389 more words