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Underworld: Awakening (2012) Movie Review

Well, here are are, the last Underworld review until the release of Underworld 5: Blood Wars, which comes out early next year.  If I decide to throw in the EU-exclusive PS2 game “Underworld: The Eternal War” before then, great.   902 more words

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Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009) Movie Review

Before we begin, if you haven’t seen Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, you might want to see those first before reading this.  Even though this is a prequel, I’ll explain why.   765 more words

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Underworld: Evolution (2006) Movie Review

By clicking on this review, it suggests that you have seen Underworld, this film’s prequel.  If you haven’t seen Underworld, I would suggest in stopping here and go to watch it.   862 more words

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It’s been a bad week for me, I feel as though I’ve had my quota of bad luck and ugliness that the universe has decided to throw all my way. 448 more words

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Post for 7/5/2016

I’m back, and have been following the story quests. I got a free mount, and will include some pics I took. I’m not that happy with Forsaken World’s graphics so far. 312 more words

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Post for 7/4/2016

I’m just starting out in a game called Forsaken World. While I know little to nothing about this game, it sounds pretty cool so far. There are currently 7 races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Stoneman, Kindred, Lycan and Demon. 292 more words

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