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Setting Things Proper...

(Warning: a portion of this scene contains sexual content) 

It had been several days. Once one was on the other side, such things were trivial. Of course, Eva was counting the days for another reason altogether. 7,717 more words


Got a glimpse of Mila's life to come

I appreciate all the comments about yesterday’s post. Happy that so many found it worth reading and commenting. Today I’m dealing with a lovely headache that just won’t go away. 793 more words


Eyes of my Enemies

Previously on Eyes of my Enemies, we pick right back up in the heat of things as Sammie and St. J managed to free Katrina. Despite showing an amazing display of power, St. 11,445 more words


Pyres and Peace

Seems from birth until the moment of death, lycan were preparing for the Golden Fields. It didn’t matter what Pack you were from, because lycan all held the same beliefs when it came to the end of one’s life. 3,943 more words


Lycan (2017)

Director: Bev Land
Starring:Dania Ramirez, Jake Lockett, Rebekah Graf. USA 1h 27m

With all of the success of the Underworld series and countless other werewolf.lycan movies the genre develops into a melodramatic teen scream film with no real direction and hardly any point. 454 more words

Movie Reviews

Well this just gets more interesting

I love sunflowers (featured image). Since it’s beautiful and sunny out, I thought I would look something up that resonated with that. I absolutely love  231 more words


Uh oh. So what did we find out?

Well. Today was a very interesting day. I didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Do I ever though?

Mila was busy figuring out how to help Kat after this latest vision. 501 more words