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A Sneak Preview of My New Novel, or, The First Chapter

Some background: This is the first chapter of my as-of-yet untitled novel. It is the story of an Alpha lycan shifter and his fated mate. Keep in mind that this is by no means a finished product, and more edits may soon follow. 1,222 more words


Finally here!

On April 15th there was a knock at the door. As I stumbled down the stairs and attempted to slide into my slippers, I heard the growl of a large truck trailing away. 409 more words

Mother Earth Event = Success!

Dear Family,

I would like Our Queen Sian Nansen (welshgoddess) and our King mikD2 Nansen for letting us continue with our Family Event.

Thank to our dynamic duo: Host кнʌʀɪs™ (kharisambrosia) and our DJ ℬℜℰĈҚ ƇӇĄℜℓℰŞ (breckquinn). 42 more words

Wolf Veins

The night was cold , the sky was a mere haze of darkness the moon could barely shine through the cloud , a young man sat alone on a dew covered bench . 100 more words


The Cat Handler

A tall dark-haired man sat arched on a bench hand outstretched as if there was someone beside him, but looking down all there was a black cat fur dark as a demons soul, the fur glistened in the moon light, the man reached down and lightly stroked the cat, he spoke in a deep but soft voice it’s time we leave sweetie, we aren’t welcome here. 471 more words



Hello ALL,

I’m extremely excited to announce that my new Juvenile YA/Fantasy novel is now in galley stages and is soon to be published by Outskirts Press. 69 more words

March Madness Ball Success

Dear Family,

I would like to thank everyone that came to our March Madness Ball.

Our Host ŚĦąÐØŴ ߣØØÐЯąνЄŃ (shadow1bloodraven) and DJ Ŧяєץä ßяäνєɧєäяŧ (raychel1987) worked hard to keep us entertained. 29 more words