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March 4, 2015: Meds

What’s the point of something if you don’t remember it? Where do the memories go once they slip away from autonomous control? And then something terrible happened, an allegory that defies description, played out in real life and real time, and passersby were looking at me—knives in their eyes, that only grazed the contours of my face and thus cannot be considered too dangerous or onerous. 463 more words

April 24, 2015: Mongoloid Faggot

A creation whose sole purpose was to be ignored by everything that mattered to it, dehumanized—embrace the ground, act as though atoms no longer circulate. Pale horizons taste like cotton candy while fictional characters attempt to undermine all social ambition, any spiritual longing will do for that type. 5,216 more words

Creative Writing

Howling Lesson: Boy Edition

I never wanted to sprout hair, fangs, and howl at the moon more in my life, than when I was little.

I am sure the movie… 1,106 more words

Erik Brincefield

Podcast: Full Moon Sessions - Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf

Crazed lycanthropes. Check.

A Wiccan cult lead by a vivacious vamp. Check.

A random dwarf. Err…Check.

And Christopher Lee donning some awesome shades whilst blending into a night club scene. 187 more words

Upcoming Publication: Star*Line

You might not know, but I am a huge genre fiction fan and a large bulk of my work flirts with fabulism at the very least and is oftentimes downright genre-centric. 58 more words

Bonnie Rae Walker

Dwelling (Book One of the Subdue series) - Thomas Flowers

The Suicide Squad is the name a group of adolescents from the 90’s gave themselves after getting their hands on the comic book of the same name. 567 more words

Horror Fiction

Lips of Rust | Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The sky wasn’t completely black yet—it was dusk; that strange, nautical phase of twilight where the sun had already dipped below the horizon and yet still managed to give off the faintest bit of light. 4,585 more words