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Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz

Ahh…Jonathan Janz. This guy is like a fine wine. He simply gets better with age. Anyone that has followed my reviews knows that I was already a big fan of his. 408 more words

Horror Review

Werewolves of the Dead Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Turning lycan had made the stench worst, not better. Shannon couldn’t help but winch at the smells. A moment later she caught Kelsey’s and Rance’s, and wasn’t surprised to find them back in the freezer. 1,216 more words

Jason McKinney

Night's Sorrow

And he howls

In memory

Of something he can’t quite remember


Can never forget

The echo filling the sky

In a way no other wolf… 59 more words


Werewolves of the Dead Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Shannon parked her car with the rear facing the diner’s entrance. Helfron and Kelsey arrived as she was shutting the engine off. Both were terrified and Rance’s crying drowned out all other sounds. 1,754 more words

Jason McKinney

Werewolves : 1 Know your enemy

Since time immemorial people have feared wolves and feared more the men that related to them. Its time I explained more about these amazing creatures and the people linked with them. 216 more words


IY: Fantasy Creatures - Werewolves - The Myth

Seems like ages ago I last spoke of werewolves. Then I was talking about how to find them when out and about. If you’re not sure, then do… 541 more words

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Starlog #253 August 1998

I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid. There was a class of monster, Lycanthropes, that included the common Werewolf as well as Werebear, Wereboar, Wererat, and Weretiger. 28 more words