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Blurry October moon...

Under the full moon’s raw light

I caught myself wishing you were a lycanthrope

tearing my throat open with your long fangs

letting me feed you my last breath… 6 more words


The Werewinter Wolf Template

It always struck me as odd how most d20 worlds had lycanthropes that were limited to normal animals; that is, that “were” creatures were virtually always based on creatures found in the real world. 1,232 more words

The Outlaw - Part 9

A day and night past for the three travelers. Ben could sense the unease in their new member, Henry, and kept his distance. Although the bullets in his revolver would only tickle his immortal flesh, Ben didn’t enjoy the process of digging out the rounds. 2,487 more words

Werewolf Stories

Werewolf Myths and Legends of Antiquity

So, werewolf stories have been around since oral tradition became a thing. They were scary stories to tell children to get them to behave, or warnings to God fearing Christians to keep away from anything having to do with the devil. 923 more words

Werewolf Stories

Werewolf Myths and Legends of Germany

Now, when reading these little fables, keep in mind that Germany – or the Germanic nation – was actually fairly large and took up a lot of land in Europe, including Poland and Slavic areas. 1,236 more words

Werewolf Stories

The Mysterious Stranger - Part 3

Tessa leaned back in the dining chair and sighed comfortably. The meal had been excellent and even though the slice of cherry pie in front of her was the best she had ever tasted, she forced herself to stop before she became too bloated. 1,610 more words

Werewolf Stories

Werewolf Myths and Legends of France

We take a detour from my regular fiction posts to reflect on different werewolf legends and myths from the French region of Europe. Instead of being called “werewolves” which is more of an English/German term, they were called Loup-Garou, which in literal translation is Wolf-Man. 1,403 more words

Werewolf Stories