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Lips of Rust | Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The sky wasn’t completely black yet—it was dusk; that strange, nautical phase of twilight where the sun had already dipped below the horizon and yet still managed to give off the faintest bit of light. 4,585 more words


Lips of Rust | Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The wind howled again; it sent the shutters on my windows clattering loudly against the glass.  It had been doing that through the night and into the morning. 3,949 more words


The Good Shepherd- Nanowrimo 2016

“Thank you for letting me borrow this beautiful bonnet, Mrs. Wickersham,” Leona said, her thin fingers caressing the black velvet lining.

Mrs. Wickersham grabbed Leona’s gray, moth-eaten bonnet from the dresser and threw it in the bin.

103 more words
Author's Voice

The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

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Blast it to smithereens, The Lunatic Cafe is one intense and twisted book!  You need a strong stomach for this, the fourth book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. 377 more words


Of Wicked Wolves

Any other night he would have welcomed the crash of thunder rolling across the forest floor and tapping on his eardrums , but the lightning in the distance only reminded Ravi that somewhere beyond his line of sight his brother fought on the front lines of a war for a reason long forgotten. 760 more words


The Monsters Within, Technical Notes

We try to deny it, but we all have monsters within us. They seethe just below the surface, all fangs and teeth and incorporeal rage. We glimpse them when we turn away from mirrors, out of the corners of our eyes. 1,101 more words


Blurry October moon...

Under the full moon’s raw light

I caught myself wishing you were a lycanthrope

tearing my throat open with your long fangs

letting me feed you my last breath… 6 more words