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Werewolves 2: Defence

Alright its time to learn how to defend yourself from all the different types of werewolves as laid out in werewolves 1.

Now the warg and wolf walker are from a mostly physical standpoint just people. 305 more words


IY: Fantasy Creatures - Vampires - Club Night

Welp! I’ve been talking about it and working on it, so I think it makes sense to give you guys the opening of the short story I’m writing for my new friends over at the local college. 1,229 more words

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The Story of Lucius Cane - Vanya Ferreira

Built upon the traditional vampire legends as begun by Bram Stoker, The Story of Lucius Cane introduces us to a small cast of supernatural characters. Jack the Hound was marked by a werewolf as a young man and now fits easily into the human world as a killer for hire, despite his canine-worthy physical attributes. 94 more words

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Werewolves of the Dead Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

The rest of the night started off uneventful, but then took a strange turn.

Deidre took note of the increasing undead activity within the first hour of her watch. 3,531 more words

Jason McKinney

Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz

Ahh…Jonathan Janz. This guy is like a fine wine. He simply gets better with age. Anyone that has followed my reviews knows that I was already a big fan of his. 408 more words

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Werewolves of the Dead Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Turning lycan had made the stench worst, not better. Shannon couldn’t help but winch at the smells. A moment later she caught Kelsey’s and Rance’s, and wasn’t surprised to find them back in the freezer. 1,216 more words

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Night's Sorrow

And he howls

In memory

Of something he can’t quite remember


Can never forget

The echo filling the sky

In a way no other wolf… 59 more words