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Dog Days-Chapter 26

The challenges faced by MIR are many. As a result, job roles are dynamic in nature to match the ever-changing landscape of isolation and retrieval. 3,012 more words


Wolves at New Moon

Tristan appeared at his bedroom window, unlatched the lock, and hunched over to pull up on the sill. The window stuck for only a moment in the humidity of the May evening but there was a crack and the window opened the rest of the way, seamlessly. 959 more words

Write To Your Hearts Desire


Werewolf (1996)

Werewolf, typical werewolf story or is there more? Yes, yes there is, so let’s take a walk through this wily werewolf story. And as always: SPOILERS!!! 1,558 more words



Dan found himself back at the grim bonfire. His father, Mr. Reto , and the Warg continued to feast. He scanned the horizon for an escape only to discover figures bolting across the bleached bone sand. 3,195 more words


Notes on Lycanthropy

“The word “lycanthropy” originally referred to a mental illness — a delusion of being a werewolf. Today, many people use “lycanthropy” to mean “the ability to transform into a wolf” and “lycanthrope” to mean “werewolf” (How Werewolves Work).” 338 more words


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve really loved Stiefvater’s other works. She allows the plot to unfold gently and organically and populates her worlds with a wide assortment of colorful characters. 345 more words


Mythology Behind the Werewolf

The idea of werewolves, vampires and other shapeshifters is big business in modern culture with films and books making liberal use of the concepts.  And rightly, so, there is something fascinating about the idea of man who can voluntarily or involuntarily transform into a supernatural being of great strength and speed.  1,177 more words