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Gray is the New Black: Zoanthropy and the Apex Predator

“In prehistoric times, Homo sapiens were deeply endangered. Early humans were less fleet of foot, with fewer natural weapons and less well-honed senses than all the predators that threatened them. 898 more words



I am drifting and sifting through

cloud scattered entropy

and caught unaware though

the warnings were all there

approached by a beast

speaking calmly but sending me… 86 more words


Outrunning the Villagers Carrying Torches and Pitchforks: A Review of Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones

Do you consider a rare steak overcooked? Does a full moon make you want to rip off your clothes and howl? Is lycanthropy your favorite four-syllable word? 1,407 more words

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Prompt Day #309: Write a poem that draws language directly from all the song titles from a death metal music album.

This particular exercise was an eye-opening experience. 127 more words

Writing Challenge

Werewolves Vs. Nazis: Metaphors Concerning Lycanthropy

By: Ashley E. Hoover

     The short story “Pure Silver” by A.C. Crispin and Kathleen O’Malley is an odd tale about an animal control officer named Therese and a Jewish werewolf called Zeyde, who is a Holocaust survivor and slayer of Nazis. 1,220 more words

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6 less known Werewolf Movies

This article has been originally been published on another website on Halloween.

Werewolves belong to the core group of classic monsters, yet they are notoriously hard to tackle in movies. 1,618 more words

Reworking the Narrative: 9

After my initial art book, I wanted to refine the narratives and images much more and de-clutter from the various images and descriptions, or story aspects that felt superfluous and detracted from the main focus of these narratives and the subversive elements that came with them. 183 more words