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That Time Of The Month

I saw her in a shady bar

And decided to go a step too far.

I invited her out into my car

Beneath the full white moon. 83 more words


Lycanthropic Tendencies

Happy Halloween from me and Sam. Werewolf not included. Bad moon rising, indeed.


Lycanthropy in Greek and Roman Culture

This week we charged full speed down a lykanthropic rabbit-hole. (Well, maybe I should call it a wolf-hole or something?).  Having the time to pursue sudden and intense interests is one of the nice things about having tenure.   964 more words


Happy Halloween: Here's Some Byzantine Verse on Lycanthropy

There is a Byzantine didactic poem based on Greek medical treatises. Thankfully, it does not skip the good stuff.

The poem is from a collection of didactic verses attributed to… 88 more words


Werewolf Week: Augustine on Arcadian Werewolf Legends

From Augustine’s City of God XVIII.17

“Varro adds to this by relating other things no less incredible about that most renowned witch Circe, who changed the companions of Ulysses into beasts, and about the Arcadians, who after drawing lots would swim across a certain pool and there be turned into wolves; they would then live with similar wild beasts in the deserts of that region. 309 more words


Werewolf Week, Therapeutic Edition: Diagnosing and Treating Lycanthropy

This week in honor of Halloween we are returning to an obsession with lycanthropy. There is a trove of ancient Greek medical treatises on the diagnosing and treatment of the disease. 1,637 more words


Werewolf Week, Religious Returns: St. Augustine on Lycanthropy

In discussing tales of Diomedes’ companions being turned into birds, Augustine in De Civitate Dei (City of God) discusses werewolves (18.17, the full text… 419 more words