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The Michigan Dogman

A cool summer mornin’ in early June is when the legend began,….At a nameless logging camp in Wexford County where the Manistee River ran. ….Eleven lumberjacks near the Garland Swamp found an animal they thought was a dog. 419 more words

When something or someone irritates me, I generally don’t dwell on it like a fedora wearing neckbeard who obsesses over that which he claims to hate.

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After a crazy dream early this morning, I remembered that a lot of my old blog posts were recapping what happened while I was sleeping. I’ve been told that I have very detailed dreams when I share them with friends, but for me, it’s just how they’ve always been. 687 more words

5 Rules for Dating My Classical Arcadian Werewolf

“Some werewolves are hairy on the inside” ― Stephen King

The werewolf lifestyle is often drawn in caricature.  One has been led to expect a lot of ripping and tearing, cavorting in the moonlight, and generally acting rather bestial as the situation demands, while impressing the girls with overdeveloped abs or a manly beard.  1,044 more words


Monday Movie Mentions #8...

Teenwolf (1985)

I’ve always been a fan of Michael J Fox, but even I can admit and accept that Teenwolf is not one of the greatest movies on his resume – hell, it wasn’t even the best thing he put out in 1985. 303 more words


WHAT TEETH THEY HAD: Book 2 Chapter 2

Persons aiding in the termination of the wolf-blooded will be kept nameless.

Acts of charity are best kept anonymous.

Annex to The Doctrine – July 7th 2015… 2,673 more words


Lunar Files #3: La Bête du Gévaudan

This is the third installment of The Lunar Files, a series of articles based upon my research of werewolf (or wolf-like creature) cases.

Nearly 300 years ago, the mountains of southern France were home to a predator unlike any creature its people had encountered before. 966 more words