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The Howling (1981)

Please note: This particular film deals with themes of rape and sexual violence. I realize that sometimes, just mentioning these things can be emotionally or psychologically harmful to certain people. 

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Our weird magical world

I am going through a phase at the moment of being very interested in researching ‘magical creatures’ for want of a better phrase; those spirits who do not get much reference in the more widely used grimoires. 604 more words

Flash Fiction 10: A Dog's Life

Janet Reid ran her flash fiction contest again this past weekend. It is always so much fun to enter, and amazing to read the gems submitted by others. 298 more words


Big Bad Grandma

Big Bad Grandma

What a breakfast you’re wolfing down, granny!
Are you really a big lupine tranny?
Does your belly inflate?
Be aware of your weight: 13 more words

Duck, Duck, Goose

Under the mistaken
hallucinatory impression
that I was suffering
from a sudden bout
of lycanthropy
I ran away
into the tall rows of late
summer corn… 233 more words


Gray is the New Black: Zoanthropy and the Apex Predator

“In prehistoric times, Homo sapiens were deeply endangered. Early humans were less fleet of foot, with fewer natural weapons and less well-honed senses than all the predators that threatened them. 898 more words



I am drifting and sifting through

cloud scattered entropy

and caught unaware though

the warnings were all there

approached by a beast

speaking calmly but sending me… 86 more words