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THE X-FILES - 1x19 - 'Shapes'


Directed by: DAVID NUTTER

Proof if ever it was needed that studio executives, ‘Shapes’—which time has not diminished as the nadir of… 428 more words

The Anniversary

It was the first time I saw him do it. The truncated sound of gagging spilled from underneath the bathroom door where I thought he was showering. 449 more words


So You've Been Bitten By A Werewolf, & What To Expect

Lycanthropy is a one sure-fire cure for baldness. Female pattern baldness affects up to half of all women.

Okay! So you’ve been attacked by a werewolf, and managed to survive.

95 more words

Wolves (2015) | It's Teen Wolf meets Twilight and The Lost Boys in Grimm-land

Unleash The Beast
When high-school quarterback Cayden (Lucas Till) suspects he has brutally murdered his parents, he goes on the run and arrives in the small town of Lupine Ridge, where he uncovers his hairy heritage. 301 more words


Werewolves as a Sexist Institution



Werewolf culture has become bigger since The Wolf Man of 1941. From these hairy beasts have come attractive men taking on these roles of primitive desire and drive, but there’s a missing piece. 185 more words


Do Werewolves Even Eat Bread?

The Sci-Fi Project – http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/critical-issues/ethos/sci-fi/call-for-presentations/
– lots of dystopian/utopian analysis esp in big name mass media (Hunger Games, Maze Runner, etc)
– Not a lot of “niche” or subculture genres seen in articles or presentations… 160 more words


The Madness of Nebuchadnezzar II

“Twelve months after this Nebuchadrezzar was in the midst of his palace at Babylon, boasting of what he had accomplished during his reign, when a voice from heaven spake, saying : 273 more words