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Mythology Behind the Werewolf

The idea of werewolves, vampires and other shapeshifters is big business in modern culture with films and books making liberal use of the concepts.  And rightly, so, there is something fascinating about the idea of man who can voluntarily or involuntarily transform into a supernatural being of great strength and speed.  1,177 more words


"L is for... Lycanthrope" (poem)

There’s a werewolf
Deep inside of me!

Hairy hands
And hairy toes
Where I lead
Wolfy goes!


Ratling Scoundrel - A Lycanthropic Roguish Archetype for D&D 5th Edition

“Releeeaasssssse meee… I’m nottt pppppeetttt, I-I I m-m-mmmaaann-… Ssssmell pea-nutttt bu-tterr! *happy squeaking and munching.*”

– Scoldorn “Squeaky” Amberguard, Ex-Ratling Scoundrel; captured by an evil nobleman wizard and turned into a prisoner/”family pet.” 1,131 more words

D&D 5th

A Lycanthropic Easter

Okay, so we were going to talk about Easter, right? Yes, we were.

Easter was nice, to be honest. My brother (innerworld brother) came out just for the occasion. 502 more words

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"That Awkward Moment" in Horror: Part 1: Classic Horror, Sexuality and Dating

Horror is a genre rich in recycled concepts, cookie-cutter plots and trope-y character archetypes.  But if you wind things back to the classics, there was a time when horror was doing things for the first time.  1,406 more words

John Leavengood


“When the full moon waxes brightest

And there’s none left to scold.

I’ll keep my silver near my heart;

And you may keep your gold. 2,790 more words


THE X-FILES - 1x19 - 'Shapes'


Directed by: DAVID NUTTER

Proof if ever it was needed that studio executives, ‘Shapes’—which time has not diminished as the nadir of… 428 more words