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Review: Full Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon Lincoln Child, 2017.

Jeremy Logan, a professor of history at Yale, is looking forward to six uninterrupted weeks at a secluded retreat in the Adirondacks where he plans to finish work on his monograph about the Middle Ages. 274 more words

Book Review

Lycanthropy Homework: Let’s Get Metaphysical - Guest Post by Cecilia Dominic

Today, I am very please to have a very special guest – Cecilia Dominic.  She is the author of the Lycanthropy Files trilogy, which is being re-released this month. 1,564 more words


Werewolves of the Dead chapter twenty-nine

Chapter Twenty-nine

Drexler closed with Ohkawa first. The little Asian was the worst shot Drexler had ever seen. Drexler’s heightened sight allowed her to see the bullets being fired at her part the air. 1,442 more words

Jason McKinney

Better Living through Lycanthropy

What if I told you that you could have it all?

You’d call me crazy wouldn’t you?

Crazy like a fox! Or a wolf maybe… 421 more words


Love By Night: David's Story

My claws dug into the fresh earth that had been overturned.
She wasn’t there. My beloved was no longer in the same resting
place. I had to find her. 3,731 more words


Of Pride And Pack Opening

The sliding doors uttered a resounding crash as the large mass of flesh and bone collided with its surface. An explosion of metal and glass flew from the front of the store. 514 more words


Food for thought.

Werewolves is a really cool superstitious belief that didn't just exist in western culture. There are other "were" species in many cultures. For instance the weretiger was feared in India. 46 more words