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Man-Wolf, Snake-Woman: on Clinical Lycanthropy

There hath indeed been an old opinion of such like things; For by the Greeks they were called λυκανθρωποι which signifieth men-wolves. But to tell you simply my opinion in this, if any such thing hath been, I take it to have proceeded but of a natural superabundance of Melancholy, which as we read, that it hath made some think themselves Pitchers, and some horses, and some one kind of beast or other: So suppose I that it hath so viciat the imagination and memory of some, as…

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Book review - Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson

It started out so well. The perfectly suspenseful opening scene immediately hooked me.
And then, the mysterious female explained what she was. Spoiler alert: she was not a werewolf. 311 more words


Urban Fantasy 101 – Weird Ass Werewolf Tropes

Content warnings: This installment of Urban Fantasy 101 contains references to or descriptions of racism, homophobia, heterocentrism, sexual assault, childhood abuse, domestic abuse, other forms of discrimination. 6,907 more words


Changing Stories: Ovid's Metamorphoses on canvas, 1 - Lycaon, cannibalism, and werewolves

The first book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses starts, just like the Bible and several other major compilations of ancient writing, with the creation of the world. You may be tempted to view… 821 more words


Statistics Saturday: What The Full Moon Reveals About You

Source: The C E Hooper Radio Survey of the 2nd of June, 1939.

Another Blog, Meanwhile Index

The Another Blog, Meanwhile index rose sharply as everyone took the what-the-full-moon-reveals-about-you test and more people came out “were-dragon” than even they had secretly hoped. 156 more words


The Mute Girl

A Dark Romance: Chapter Two – The Mute Girl

I had heard of her many times, in many places – even far outside the county. When the first snows fell, when the year’s first snowdrops blossomed, when the air glittered with frost, they spoke of her delicate, unblemished white skin and the perennial youth of the mute girl. 1,339 more words

Greek Werewolves, A Bedtime Story

Our youngling has been begging us to post the story of how he lost his faith in Santa Claus, a story that involves a haunted forest, Halloween jump-scares, and werewolves. 470 more words