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Werewolf Week In Rome: Don't Look a Wolf in the Eyes!

Here is the rather famous account of Werewolves from Pliny the Elder’s Natural History 8.34) (for the full text: see Perseus). The Latin text on Perseus is incorrect, but fortunately… 557 more words

The Real Horror Show is Politics: Plato on Lykanthropy (Werewolf Week Continues)

From Plato’s Republic, Book 8 (565d)

“What is the beginning of the change from guardian to tyrant? Isn’t clear when the guardian begins to do that very thing which myth says happened at the shrine of Lykaion Zeus in Arcadia? 231 more words


Half and Half

Half and Half

Few know that
the wolfman never got along
with the manwolf.

–Tom Riley

Werewolf Fight

The Terror of Adolescence

Ginger Snaps (2000) is the first movie covered so far that actually qualifies as a modern horror movie. For as creepy as Count Orlock was in… 787 more words

Monster Movies

22: The Sinking Ship

I was at an all time low when I met Marina.

I had been chucked out of Uni the day before and naturally proceeded to get very drunk. 2,286 more words


21: Three questions

“Do you know why I’ve brought you here this evening?”

I prided myself on knowing every private members’ club and decent restaurant in London, but this place was new to me, situated on a road I had walked down a thousand times, and yet somehow never noticed. 1,404 more words