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Does Winner take all the World?

—by Shabab Khan

September, 2014, after investing in a ride-sharing company called Sidecar, Richard Branson declared that it was “early days and, like a lot of other commodity businesses, there is room for innovators on great customer experiences.” He added that he was not putting his money into a “winner-takes-all market.” 1,453 more words

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Choosing the right Web Site Tools part 1

I’m still pondering the tools to use for my new web site. I have used Lycos and Trellix for most of the web sites I have built.  307 more words

Mauldin Returns to LYCOS

Michael L. Mauldin has returned to LYCOS (PRESS RELEASE). “LYCOS, (NSE & BSE: ‘LYCOS’ or the company), one of the most widely known Internet brands and one of the first search engines on the web is delighted to welcome back the creator of LYCOS, Michael L. 70 more words

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When Lycos Roamed the Earth

Nostalgia from Gizmodo: How Lycos Almost Won the Search Engine Wars. It’s a book excerpt, and the take-home is that text ads ate the lunch of the banner ads. 43 more words

Around The Search & Social Media World

Hungary, Brokers, Bill De Blasio, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, June 9th, 2015


An online archive of images of turn-of-the-century Hungary are now available. “Pictures taken by the legendary German-born Hungarian photographer György Klösz (1844-1913) are now available online in the Fortepan digital photography archives after a total of 1500 photographs from his estate have been made available for unconditional usage by the Budapest Municipal Archives.” 748 more words


Accelerating into the World Of IOT

The Internet of Things is a new trend in the realm of innovation and deals with gathering information from multiple devices like computers, vehicles, smartphones, traffic lights and almost anything with a sensor and from applications that include anything from social media apps to e-commerce platforms, from  manufacturing systems to traffic control systems. 435 more words