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Lycos: #Wearable Tech Ring, Wristband

Check out Lycos unveiling its new #wearable tech ring and wristband!

Wearable Tech

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An online archive of images of turn-of-the-century Hungary are now available. “Pictures taken by the legendary German-born Hungarian photographer György Klösz (1844-1913) are now available online in the Fortepan digital photography archives after a total of 1500 photographs from his estate have been made available for unconditional usage by the Budapest Municipal Archives.” 748 more words


Accelerating into the World Of IOT

The Internet of Things is a new trend in the realm of innovation and deals with gathering information from multiple devices like computers, vehicles, smartphones, traffic lights and almost anything with a sensor and from applications that include anything from social media apps to e-commerce platforms, from  manufacturing systems to traffic control systems. 435 more words


Tech Nostalgia: Lycos Sells its Patents

Lycos, the first internet search engine to implement spidered web indexing has emerged from semi-retirement to hawk off some of its valuable patents. Lycos was sold to Telefonica at the height of the tech bubble for $5.4 billion, but was offloaded to a digital knackers yard in 2010 for just $36 million – the new owners are hoping to cash in on… 64 more words

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IoT: Wired Wirelessly

Did you realize? Your mobile phone is soon becoming the universal remote control of the Internet of Things. You are wired wirelessly and connected while mobile. 419 more words


LYCOS: Listed on the NSE and Always on Investor Minds

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The idea of debt dates back to the ancient world, as evidenced for example by ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets recording interest-bearing loans. There is little consensus among scholars as to when corporate stock was first traded. 337 more words