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N26 and Lydia announce Apple Pay support in France, but major banks are still missing

Apple Pay hasn’t really been a major success in France so far. France’s biggest banks still don’t plan to support Apple’s payment service. But two companies announced today that they were going to add Apple Pay support before the end of the year — … 513 more words


Farewell To Philippi

The morning after ministering the love of God to the Philippian jailer & his family, Paul & Silas were greeted in their jail cell by Roman officers  They had been sent by the governing Roman officials of Philippi with an order to release Paul & Silas (277). 205 more words

The United Nations

The United Nations. First established after WWII, it’s a place where all nations come together to peacefully discuss matters related to peace and prevention of war. 192 more words


A vision

When in doubt or when confronted with our own desires as opposed to God’s direction, a vision becomes a clear presentation of what needs to be done.   356 more words