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Highly Suspect: SOLD OUT!

Black ocean, cold and dark,
I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless

I didn’t realize the significance this band would play upon my life when “Lydia” debuted and played incessantly on the radio during the Summer of 2015…when I met him…

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Voice again!

In the absence of requests, I decided to share this with you even though it means listening to my far from perfect African-American accent. You see the thing is, having created that voice for Lydia, who I talked about yesterday, it means to do justice to readings, how could I talk in my estuary English London accent? 176 more words

Kirsten Elyea Profile by Lydia Lonnquist

Year: Senior                      Major: Studio Art                 Minor: Art History

Meet Kirsten Elyea, a young lady who has been vastly interested in drawing ever since she was little. 620 more words

Is Affleck Done As Batman?

For quite some time now there have been rumors circulating that Ben Affleck will no longer don the cape and cowl of the legendary Batman.  But are these rumors true? 202 more words


Breaking Habits


This one is bittersweet.

I fell into the pattern. I played 100 episodes of Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries. I watched it from 9 in the morning to, well, now. 331 more words