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Lydia Hollis is a beautiful 17 year old  who has a big personality! She’s so creative, her YouTube channel is hilarious, and she’s full of musical talents! 81 more words


Open Our Hearts!

“Open Our Hearts!”

Acts 16:6-15 – August 30, 2015

Men, men, men! Here in the United States, men still take center place in many areas today. 1,526 more words

Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission (With additional message)

To be honest the truth behind my lack of posts is because this just feels like work now.

It is true. I do love blogging, but I only need it if I want to fangirl or vent about something, so yeah, for season finales or drastic events in a show, it’s cool to write posts and gain satisfaction, but I don’t feel as though I need to update you on my take of every episode even if I didn’t find it entertaining or I’m not in the mood. 550 more words

Teen Wolf

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So, you know how I’m ALWAYS pressing buttons? Well, this time I didn’t delete the site! I found a way to stick stuff into our stuff! 106 more words


It Really Hurts

I spent half of the day working at the bookstore. Normally, I only help out on the weekends in the fall, but, admittedly, I’m very bored, so I’ve been there almost every afternoon. 278 more words


The New (School) Year

Yesterday we got our schedules and JON got ice cream, but I got to go to Yia-Yias and get some. Here’s how we feel;

Lydia- My homeroom teacher is Mrs. 313 more words



Anyone that has gotten an email or note from me lately may have noticed that I have started signing my name as “Lydia!”

Why an exclamation mark after my name? 136 more words