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Sunday 08.05.16

Really wanted a good lie in this morning but I was up at 6.00am as usual, had coffee and read my book for a bit and then cycled out to check on Skye in the field, she was lying down with her pals when I got there and was in no hurry to get up, I spent a good half an hour just lying next to her, such a nice experience, when I got home we packed up the camping stove and the picnic basket and went and took Ruby out for a walk around… 158 more words

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A Nice Cycle To Check On Skye

I was up and about early this morning and decided to cycle to the  RAF Memorial and check on Skye in the field, when I got there Skye and her pals where all lying down and so chilled out I spent ages just lying next to Skye… 12 more words

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Not That Kind of Angel

No, that’s not overexposure…it’s Toby’s halo showing!

I wish.  While things are better than they were in the beginning, these two pups are still driving me nuts.  86 more words


Interrupt my nap? That's Bull...

Pretty sure this is what I would look like if someone interrupted my nap on a lazy Sunday. Or any other day…


feeling drained

Even little blue monsters need some down time.

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Coughy Break

Would you rather be asleep
And sitting up, or ensupined
While wide awake all night? I keep
Deciding…then I change my mind.

The horizontal state attracts… 75 more words