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feeling drained

Even little blue monsters need some down time.

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Coughy Break

Would you rather be asleep
And sitting up, or ensupined
While wide awake all night? I keep
Deciding…then I change my mind.

The horizontal state attracts… 75 more words


Here’s why you might soon be lying down at the office

Altwork has designed a new chair, similar to one you’d find in a dentist’s office, that allows you to lie down while you work, the U.K.’s Independent reports… 164 more words


This Isn't What I Meant!

Poor Geordie is still having a bad time of with his allergies.  There was a hard frost this weekend, and I was hoping that would kill whatever plant is bothering him.  70 more words


New trending GIF tagged rupauls drag race dead...

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Blahh days workout

Even on the days where you can see the point of exercise, you’re tired, you’re feeling lazy…you’re on holiday and can’t be bothered…the blahhh days as I call them, there is NO excuse not to get into a sweat. 1,100 more words


Apparently the word supine has two meaning. First is to lie down on your back, facing upwards. The second is not important for now. From experience, it is best done on the floor or a hard surface. 214 more words