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Lying Down to Breastfeed: Mother and Baby Sleep Position

Barbara Higham

When I was pregnant for the first time, I remember being struck by something a mother said at a prenatal class. She recommended all new mothers get the hang, early on, of… 598 more words


Praline and Almond, best friend bears

Almond and Praline are both lying-down bears who seem vaguely polar-bear-ish in shape, though neither have all white fur. Almond is a he, and he’s my bear, and Praline is a she, she’s my mother’s, but they’re just about inseparable. 49 more words

Teddy Bears

Big Games - Operation

One Scout lies on floor with, for example, a cup of water placed on various parts of their body. Task for the rest of team is to lift off the cups of water using broom handles. 21 more words


'A Rabbit Lying Down'

My daughter’s first suggestion (with a little coaxing from me and my son, she’s not 2 until November you see).

We asked her what animal she’d like to see, she chose ‘Babbit’. 29 more words

Colouring Pencils

2 Hours Relaxation Meditation for Deep Sleep and Good Dreams

Hello my name is Jody and I would like you to find a position that is comfortable for you. This meditation is intended to help you fall asleep so lying down … 28 more words


Heceta Sea Lion

Watching a sea lion chill out near Heceta Head on the Oregon coast…