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Just Lying There Being Held

It has been about a year since I have been held. A year since someone wanted to be that close to me and just lay there. 447 more words


Caught Napping

Elephants (Loxondonta africana) take frequent naps, but most often on four legs. They actually sleep for a remarkably short time in the wild, some say two to three hours a day, and only sleep lying down once in every three to four days. 83 more words

Hoofed Nonruminants

Daring in Red

Whenever I see red, I think of strawberries in Summertime. I think about the previous strawberry juice dripping down the chin of a smiling woman, enjoying the delicacy of this affluent substance on a warm day. 35 more words


Stood Up

While waiting for our sit down dinner
she stood me up instead
I wouldn’t want to take that lying down
but she did make me float
on cloud 9….


Lying Down to Breastfeed: Mother and Baby Sleep Position

Barbara Higham

When I was pregnant for the first time, I remember being struck by something a mother said at a prenatal class. She recommended all new mothers get the hang, early on, of… 598 more words


Praline and Almond, best friend bears

Almond and Praline are both lying-down bears who seem vaguely polar-bear-ish in shape, though neither have all white fur. Almond is a he, and he’s my bear, and Praline is a she, she’s my mother’s, but they’re just about inseparable. 49 more words

Teddy Bears