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Republicans Constipating Government

Rachel Maddow depantses the GOP for hypocrisy.   What conservatives are clearly for is getting nothing done no matter what concessions are offered them. They have taken their ball and gone home, but they are hanging out in nice suits and haircuts for the appearance’s sake.


Goodbye, Rep. John Murtha.

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Sara Palin Lies (Before The Book) Documented By Andrew Sullivan

The following list is from Andrew Sullivan’s blog over at The Atlantic.

After you have read these, ask yourself: what wouldn’t Sarah Palin lie about if she felt she had to?

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Sarah Palin

Be Very, Very Afraid of Marxisty Obama

You know technically stepping away from fascism is a step towards Marxism, even if you never end up there.  But that’s not what Right Wing nutjobs were thinking as they vociferously objected to the notion of President Obama addressing the nation’s children. 15 more words

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GOP Terrorizing Old Folks

The RNC has crafted a Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors.  Even the url implements the Republicans’ favorite weapon of choice:  fear.  It’s not just the dreaded “socialized medicine.”  It is “The Obama Experiment.” 197 more words

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Doublespeak When You're Spoken To

When you’re put out to pasture in D.C., cable news is the field you poop in.

Bush has-been and former Homeland Security adviser, Fran Townsend is too cunning to be understood. 131 more words

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Jack Jacobs Kicks Ass Talking Torture

Has anyone seen Mike Judge’s Idiocracy?  Judge seized on every moronic cultural trend and showed a world powered by banality…kinda like watching a cartoon of the Bush years, but less evil.   119 more words

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