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Write what you know

They say, “Write what you know”,  but let’s face it, how many werewolves live in Yorkshire? Not many—that I know of. My first book, To Wed A Werewolf,  is set almost entirely in our world. 728 more words

The Legend of the Lykae.

Ever wondered why the sexiest shifters are Lykae not werewolves?

At first I thought they were interchangeable, but a little research soon showed me different. 405 more words

Werewolves, Wiccans, and Full Moons

Who’d have thought Werewolves and Wiccans had anything in common? Not me.

Then I looked at the Wiccan names for full moons and realized they applied to the powerful Lykae in my Scattered Siblings series. 858 more words