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My Delirious Aberration

Aberration, noun, a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected 244 more words


Just One More

(A serious limerick)

It all ended to quickly to stop it.
Lights, cars, crashing, shouting, I must admit,
I could’ve stopped it all.
I said one more, in my slurred drawl. 8 more words


I saw a Madman

I saw a madman on the corner today.
He spoke of the end to our lives in a way,
An act of God, ashamed of his creation, 213 more words


Untitled Human Decency script

I’ve got a project I’m almost done, agh!, but a part of this dropped into my head yesterday and I had to get it into a whole piece. 691 more words


Stars Die before their Lights do

I can feel it coursing through me,
Look at this arm, that there vein,
It’s something I can’t deny I love,
Whether mad or sane 264 more words


Endless Slumber

Nightmare, noun, a terrifying or very unpleasant experience. 168 more words