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Novels I'll Never Write (NINW 7)

The man stands, the calm unfaltering from his tone as he watches the scene in front of him carefully. “Delia…let Viola go. She’s only twelve, she doesn’t need to go through this.” Defiant, the redhead shoves the gun more roughly against the head of the preteen, the young girl trembling as she silently sobs. 440 more words


A Novel I’ll Never Write (NINW 6)

The bristling fur of his pelt glistened in the light of the moon. The crimson that stained it shined unmistakably, though the elder woman’s gaze was focused on the eyes of the creature. 482 more words


Ladder of Life

It was with cracked skin,

Skin that had been thick for far too long,

That I grasped the rung of the ladder. 296 more words


A Novel I'll Never Write (NINW 5)

Matthew, the big brother I never had. Matthew, the king of the chess team. Matthew, the master of blowing bubblegum bubbles that are bigger than his face. 315 more words


A Novel I'll Never Write 4

“There’s no good in a good night when it means goodbye.” I called out to her as she moves to open the door. Her hand hesitated before grabbing the knob, her eyes turning to address the lint ball on my sleeve. 249 more words


A Novel I'll Never Write 3

“Well, conveniently for you, my spare pants double as a backpack!” “I thought they were a ‘fabulous’ belt.” “Well as much as I enjoy tying the legs around my waist, we have things to carry. 271 more words


The Day I

When you kill yourself, you’re also killing everyone around you. 753 more words