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My Panic

A bit ago I found large, hard lumps under Eddy’s chin.

It had to be strangles.

Forget that he isn’t lethargic, isn’t dripping colored snot from his nose, is super interested in eating and looks perfectly healthy. 401 more words

Night and Day - A Total Flip

I went to bed last night feeling ok. I was exhausted from my day and had a stomach ache but, those are my normal. I can handle this kind of stuff. 190 more words

Lyme Disease

Importance of human photosynthesis in health.

This is not medical advice I am posting this for informational and educational purposes.

In order for melanin to produce energy carboxylation is necessary. If the citric acid cycle is not functioning then carboxylation will be inhibited and so will melanins ability to produce energy. 183 more words

Lyme Disease

An update on my Lyme journey

It’s been two years since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and it feels like a good time to write an update on how things are going. 2,021 more words

Chronic Illness

Syphilis and Lyme Disease Share...

A bacteria shaped like a corkscrew!

Whose body can resist these diseases when they look so fancy?

It can drill into all sorts of muscles and membranes, evading your white blood cells. 17 more words

Gearing up for war, but the battle never began?

“Good is good all the time……”

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t been on here too much. I’m not sure how many people actually read my post.

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