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Geographical Oddity: Lymph Nodes

I’m not posting pictures of any of this stuff because its gross.  If you want pictures you can google lymph nodes and hit images. I recommend you do so for your own health investigation. 861 more words


Geographical Oddity: FODMAP

So after two years of not having insurance, I finally get this really awesome policy from my new job and I went and saw an allergist.   516 more words


Geographical Oddity: Food Is BackAssWards.

I joke that the only thing I can eat is steak and carrots.  I do find it uncanny that bananas, potatoes, carrots are the junk foods of the “health foods” yet these are my go-to foods to stay safe. 650 more words


Geographical Oddity

Well! Ain’t this place a geographical oddity.  Two weeks from everywhere!

-George Clooney Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

I wish we were talking about my favorite movie, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” 424 more words

Lifestyle Balance

New Year; New Project

I didn’t blog about quitting smoking because I wanted to avoid accountability.  I was going to quit smoking, because I was going to quit, not because I was going to do it in front of an audience. 276 more words

Lifestyle Balance

Daily Detox: Rebounding & Dry Brushing

In last weeks post, Introducing: Daily Detox, I mentioned that your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins depends on the health of your organs/organ systems of elimination. 1,227 more words

After Surgery

I have struggled to write a follow up to my mastectomy surgery. It has been a very long and stressful couple weeks and I didn’t want my thoughts to come across bitchy. 461 more words