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"It's over!" 6 Chemos Down, Recovery Begins

I had my last chemo today!

I had my last chemo today!

I had my last chemo today!

I wrote last week about all my friends who reminded me cheerfully that my last chemo was soon to be here and gone and that was/is uplifting news. 95 more words

Paradox of Good Wishes & Reality

On April 25, my very first post to this summer journal and blog, I started with these words:

“I don’t like it when friends, family say “I’m sorry.” 456 more words

My Breast Cancer Journey - Video

While going through my photo’s and video’s on the computer today I found this video I had made just after I finished treatment. It was pretty had for me to watch it all again but at the same time I felt so extremely blessed and lucky to be living a healthy life now xx https://youtu.be/tKS-bRtftxM

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Lymphatic drainage and the immune system - winter's here!

People are often surprised when I tell them that the number one function of the Lymphatic System is to transport immune cells around the body.  Basically, your lymphatic system IS your immune system.   602 more words

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Your Breasts are Not Beasts

If you are given the diagnosis of cancer the first advice you are given is surgery, mastectomy or lumpectomy . They start talking about your breasts like they were beasts not breasts. 634 more words

Talking About Cancer

The last 4 lots of chemo.. Things were getting hard

So I have already written about my first four lots of chemo but not the last 4. This is when everything got really really hard for me. 693 more words

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Staying vigilant or crying wolf? Seeking best practices for "Recurrence Watch"

It was a Friday in late May, day seven of our Spain trip. I had noticed a bump behind my ear, on the mastoid bone, that wasn’t on the other side. 916 more words

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