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Cervical Cancer Blog Thirteen aka Pelvic EUA and Lymphadectomy Part Two

In 1998 Barenaked Ladies sang ‘One Week’ and in that song, the singer referenced that it had been one week (hence the name) that a nameless lady had looked at him. 2,014 more words

Cervical Cancer

I was #Crushin'It...until I wasn't

Sickness has a way of hitting life unexpectedly.

Life moves by so quickly that we all lose track of it. About three weeks ago, life slowed down. 849 more words


My Trouble Finder

My day’s highlight came early. The secretary of my Primary Care Physician (PCP) phoned me to remind me of my upcoming appointment with him.  Immediately I cringed. 726 more words

Cancer Laughter

First Day of Chemo, Leggy Style

We went over the results of the scans this morning. The good news is there is no other organ involvement; however there is significant lymph node involvement, especially in the area around my lungs. 269 more words


Just keep breathing

Check out my new wheels! I’m not going to lie. Things have not been easy or great lately. 

As you know, I got diagnosed with some… 958 more words

Breast Cancer

My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 6.

Dr. M was the doctor that did the Biopsy of the lymph nodes in my belly and installed the port. He checked on me every day that I was in the hospital. 275 more words

My Thoughts And Memories

Ink from tattoos builds up in the lymph nodes of the immune system

The chemical substances in tattoo dyes can reach the lymph nodes of the immune system in the form of nanoparticles, which remain inside, with consequences still unpredictable. 553 more words