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Chemo Round # 1

February 21, 2017 

Tuesday, 11:00 am

I have to admit, all this time leading up to my first round of chemo, I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared. 804 more words


A scare ...

A recent health scare with one of my children demonstrated perfectly that, as parents, we really are always learning.

If you ever experienced any kind of cancer in your family, then like me and hubby, I expect that finding a lump on your child, which isn’t from a knock or a bump or a spot, or in any other way explainable, might raise a few alarm bells. 644 more words


January 10-- February 10

I have been a nervous person since I can remember. With that being said, I have developed numerous nervous habits over the years including, fidgeting with my rings, tapping my feet, and messing with collarbones. 612 more words


Finding a Lump

There’s that split second when, on whatever part of your body, you find a lump and you stop breathing. It happens us all and the majority of the time your logical mind kicks in and you realise you’ve had a head cold and it’s probably a swollen lymph node or you hit yourself against the corner of the table yesterday so it’s probably just a bit of swelling and bruising under the skin.  141 more words


Now What?

After receiving the news that the lump I had discovered in my left breast was malignant, the nurse called within a few days to schedule the initial surgery.   1,037 more words


Lodes and Nodes

Some times I really do think that we mommas think we are impenetrable, unstoppable, and without limits. Okay, well maybe that’s not what we think, but it is how we tend to live. 504 more words


Geographical Oddity: Lymph Nodes

I’m not posting pictures of any of this stuff because its gross.  If you want pictures you can google lymph nodes and hit images. I recommend you do so for your own health investigation. 861 more words