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Chemo Round # 3

March 21, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Second round of chemo was better than the first. I had so much energy after treatment and the days following. 656 more words


Medical ID Bracelets

So I have to admit that because of my history I’ve got a pretty lengthy medical file that probably weighs more in pounds than it measures in thickness.   1,019 more words


Shiny Head

Okay, listen.

As time slowly moves on, I have gradually gotten more comfortable without having hair. More comfortable as in, I can live with it for now. 612 more words


Hat Party

March 5, 2017

Sunday, 3:00 pm

If you would have asked me a month ago what a hat party was, I would not be able to tell you. 318 more words


Geographical Oddity: Change

Okay, big changes have been happening.  For one: I got a new job. Both better hours and better pay.  Plus I only work with three people and we all get along.   433 more words


Chemo Round # 1

February 21, 2017 

Tuesday, 11:00 am

I have to admit, all this time leading up to my first round of chemo, I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared. 804 more words


A scare ...

A recent health scare with one of my children demonstrated perfectly that, as parents, we really are always learning.

If you ever experienced any kind of cancer in your family, then like me and hubby, I expect that finding a lump on your child, which isn’t from a knock or a bump or a spot, or in any other way explainable, might raise a few alarm bells. 644 more words