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MRI's, meditation and mediastinoscopy

I will be in the core of an MRI machine in a few hours, the start of a week of diagnostics, surgery, doctors and anaesthesia.  I have suffered a week of anxiety, but now I feel prepared for this.  802 more words

Booking tee times and surgery dates

Just when I thought everything was falling into place…  I feel great, I am getting back to work, and I have taken out the golf clubs.  887 more words

Health :: Dry Brushing

Since having Lola, it’s fair to say that things haven’t quite been the same. Beside the obvious fact that we now have a new permanent flat mate, things in the ‘physical’ region are still a bit bent out of shape. 346 more words

Apple cider vinegar to detoxify, lose weight, & more...

I was recently reminded about how good apple cider vinegar (ACV) is when I heard it talked about on the recent free online Healthy Gut Summit.  649 more words


Recommended Reading

Here are some articles that Professor Falk finds interesting and informative.

Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease In Adults: Patient Guide
Gastroenterological Society of Australia & the Digestive Health Foundation… 569 more words


The Shoe Painter

“Oh, geez, I’m running out of paint! Is paint a renewable resource?” screeched the painter, unaware of how to properly speak indoors.

“What are you doing here?” asked Tyler, taken aback, while tying his tie. 368 more words


An actual update

I realized today that in only one post have I discussed what’s actually happened in the past months, and so in case you didn’t come to this blog looking for extensive but naive philosophizing, I should do a bit of an update. 1,249 more words

Processing The Past