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Truly Misguided Crazy Ass Cancer Cells

There’s a storm named Kilo that is south of the state and it appears to be hooking right toward the north while increasing in strength. For the most part, hurricanes don’t quite make it here. 921 more words

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Why aren't there lymph nodes in the brain?

Updated June 4, 2015:  Discovery of meningeal lymphatic vessels in the mouse’s brain by  Jonathan Kipnis’ lab at the University of Virginia, USA. Study published  online on June 1, 2015 in Nature: 2,261 more words

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Lymph-node Removal and Port Placement

With me because I all my doctors were convinced my lump was going to be a cysts they did not take any lymph nodes out so before I could start my chemotherapy I still had to have one more surgery. 427 more words

Breast Cancer

At Some Point, I Doubted That I'd Get Better Again

The instructions were easy. I take a pill once I’ve woken up, and six other pills once I’ve eaten—all to be taken in the morning. It seems futile, because no matter how religiously I take my pills everyday, my illness won’t just go away. 500 more words

Lymph Node Drainage

Medical question written for the National Dental Board Exam review course.

Through which chain of lymph nodes will a severe infection of a maxillary tooth abscess drain? 509 more words

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Making Progress

Hello Good People!

So, final chemo session was on 7th July and there followed the usual 3 weeks of recovery and apart from the lingering peripheral neuropathy in my feet and finger tips, all is well. 408 more words


Spreading the Word about Metastasis

How is Metastatic Breast Cancer Actually Diagnosed?

Before we discuss the tests that are used to diagnose metastatic breast cancer, here is a brief description of what it is: 421 more words

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