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Day 37 | February 6

I’ve had a really unusual swelling in my body for a time now. People probably think I’ve gotten fat, but in reality I feel like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man, in some sort of body suit with the real me hidden deep inside. 155 more words

2016 Diary

The Start of this Nightmare

I want to let you know how this came about because it might provide insight to someone who needs it. (This will probably be my longest post) 623 more words

PET/CT scan

Having already recently gone through a CT scan with contrast, I wasn’t overly apprehensive about the PET/CT scan.  In fact, the biggest issue for me was not being able to drink anything other than water until after the procedure that was scheduled for late in the morning.   391 more words

Vlog 034: A Trip to the Hospital

I had a trip to the Emergency Room this week.  Here’s where to hear all about it!  Warning: I talk about icky things.


Woman Shaves Head Before Wedding to Support Best Friend

(IOWA) WCMH– An Iowa woman shaved her head three months before her wedding to support her best friend who was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

Alycia Kuberski didn’t think about how her wedding photos were going to look, but instead focused on her best friend Gina Gregoire Helton. 242 more words


What is Lymph?

Without a good reason, it is boring to look at a diagram of the lymphatic system of the human body; but if you are really interested, it is worth gold. 214 more words

Lymph Nodes


I feel as though I am constantly picking out things that are wrong with me. Google is probably my worst enemy making me a forever victim of “self diagnosing”. 870 more words