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Holy Histology Batman!

My phone just rang; it was the smashing MacMillan nurse from the hospital. One boob bra fitter extra-ordinaire and super smiley appointment attendee with Chemo Sabe. 219 more words

Cancer Breast Cancer

Lymphedema Awareness after Breast Cancer

March is Lymphedema Awareness Month.  I deliberately posted this on the last day of month because we all put Lymphedema at the end of the line in Breast Cancer.   380 more words

Sleeping ovaries and insurance policies

The decisions I have been required to make since 1 February have, for the most part, been no brainers.  Decisions which I have not faltered at making because, for the most part, they are decisions which will, God willing, save my life. 732 more words

Beating Colon Cancer Without Chemotherapy

When Chris Wark was 26 years old, he started feeling really unwell; he had a sharp and aching abdominal pain a few times per day, low energy, slight anaemia, some rectal bleeding, and a dark stool. 615 more words


Day 37 | February 6

I’ve had a really unusual swelling in my body for a time now. People probably think I’ve gotten fat, but in reality I feel like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man, in some sort of body suit with the real me hidden deep inside. 155 more words

2016 Diary

The Start of this Nightmare

I want to let you know how this came about because it might provide insight to someone who needs it. (This will probably be my longest post) 623 more words

PET/CT scan

Having already recently gone through a CT scan with contrast, I wasn’t overly apprehensive about the PET/CT scan.  In fact, the biggest issue for me was not being able to drink anything other than water until after the procedure that was scheduled for late in the morning.   391 more words