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What Goes Around ...

First, (or at least at a randomly selected point on the arc of unwellness), the eyelids struggle against the gravitational pull, an overwhelming ache through sinuses and tingling cheeks; I finally admit my weakness and go to lie down on the sofa. 181 more words


Update on timeline

I talked to my doctor. He has no problem moving things forward, but here’s the catch.

I need to have an MRI before I can have the lumpectomy/axillary lymph node removal. 186 more words

Out, out damn spots

So I emailed my doctor this morning, because I want the damned cancer out.

They KNOW I have two small spots of high-grade – that’s dangerous, fast growing – cancer in my right breast. 228 more words

Piggie Update 091815

In my fucked up medical world, there is always something brewing. At least, it feels that way. And it can never be somethings straight forward and easy to treat. 831 more words

Ramblings And Rants

Hurry up and wait

I’m kind of dreading writing this cause it’s going to be long and boring. I’ll try to make it as concise as possible.

So, first and foremost, the doctor told me my cancer is a Stage I, approximately 8mm wide, and that currently we are looking at treatment for a cure – i.e., this is not life-threatening. 828 more words

Self-care tips to keep your lymphatic system flowing efficiently

Last week I spent ages trying to find videos to show some of the self-care routines I was talking about and I couldn’t find any that fully described what I was trying to say. ¬† 11 more words

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Truly Misguided Crazy Ass Cancer Cells

There’s a storm named Kilo that is south of the state and it¬†appears to be hooking right toward the north while increasing in strength. For the most part, hurricanes don’t quite make it here. 921 more words

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