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Chemo Round #7


May 16, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

A little update how things went after Round #6: Progressively as I have gotten further into treatments I have been handling it more poorly. 453 more words


Top 5 Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body fight infections and draining toxins from the body that may be harmful. You may have noticed when you had an infection like strep or a sinus infection, your lymph nodes around your neck get swollen. 563 more words


Chemo Round #6, Nashville, Prom

May 2, 2017

Tuesday 10:20 am

Following treatment five, I went to Nashville, Tennessee for the weekend. I had a blast but between the constant rain and the cold, it did affect my mood and how I felt. 442 more words


Don't Hush Your Child

When I first shaved my head, I was mortified if someone stared at me. I did not understand how morally they thought it was alright to just stare. 327 more words


Waiting, the Unknown, and Other Things I Dislike

This morning the oncologist’s nurse is supposed to call to tell me when I begin chemo. They’ve been waiting to get approval from the insurance company. 509 more words

Breast Cancer

PET Scan Results & Chemo Round #5

PET Scan 

April 13, 2017

Thursday, 12:30 pm

I went in for my second PET scan on this past Thursday. This scan was different from my first initial one. 974 more words


Chemo Round # 4

April 4, 2017

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Following treatment three, it did hit harder than my other treatments and I am still not sure why. The week following treatment was a lot better. 513 more words