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My Weekend with Lymphedema 

This past weekend was bound to be great! And it was! My daughter shined onstage in her dance performances.  We spent time with great friends, my aunt who was in town, and enjoyed staying in a beautiful hotel room that is normally too rich for our blood.   972 more words

Meeting a New Doctor

A week or so ago I met with the UCSD plastic surgeon I’d heard of who is able to perform lymphedema microsurgery – the only such surgeon I’ve been able to find in San Diego. 494 more words


Lymphatic Congestion or One Boob is Bigger Than The Other

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you all are well. Yes, that is a very unusual title. Took me by surprise, too. I don’t know if I told everyone…or anyone outside of Facebook (good place to keep a secret) but I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year soon after I retired from hospital work. 574 more words

What Happened to the Cat Who Came to Visit?

A couple of weeks ago I told you the story of the cat who came to visit our yard and how we trapped him so he wouldn’t get eaten by a local predator. 924 more words


Accepting Lymphoedema

Hey Beautifuls!

‘Happiness’, ‘Empowerment’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Acceptance’ are buzz words that are constantly thrown around! Here in the U.K. we seem to be easily following in the Network Marketing footsteps of the USA. 704 more words


Lipo-lymphedema sucks

Yep it sucks! There is not sugar coating it and it makes being a working mom harder than it already is. 253 more words

Lymphedema Therapy-- A Return to Normal

For twenty years, Patricia Shea struggled with a swollen right arm that was almost as big as her leg. Embarrassed, she never wore short sleeves even in sweltering heat. 683 more words