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Foob Decision

Foob indecision, I should say. My thoughts on the topic of breast reconstruction change daily. Some days, I feel like I’m done with all things related to breast cancer. 654 more words

Breast Cancer

Update from Loretta

I’m doing well I keep saying I owe you an update but time flies by! I was at my therapist yesterday and she measured me and I am smaller than the last which was in September. 273 more words


New night garment- Jobst Relax.

Wearing a compression stocking 24/7 is generally the pits. Anyone with Lymphedema can vouch for that. Day compression is different to night compression, which can present various issues for those of us still trying to figure this whole darn lympie life shizzle out. 468 more words

Time Goes By

Life gradually gets more difficult for Ronnie. The lymphedema gradually gets worse, and MERSA sets in. The treatments for the infection are painful and gross. I can no longer take him on outings because his swollen bandaged feel no longer fit into shoes. 73 more words


Lymphedema Begins

It began in his feet. Ronnie could no longer wear his cowboy boots. Then soon he needed larger shirts and jeans. I erroneously thought that he was probably just enjoying the food served to the veterans. 80 more words


My New Practice… Lymphatic Care

Greetings! It’s November and my favorite time of the year. The sun is low but warm and the air is cool. Even the scent of the air is the same as it was when I was a teen and walked through the leaves on my way home from school. 1,191 more words

Lymph Node Dissection

London Love

Hi Beautifuls!

After our Balinese adventure my handsome other half had to move to the Middle East with work commitments. So sad to see him leave me for weeks at a time. 499 more words