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What It's Like to be a Single Mom in a Broken Body

Seriously, to understand me is to understand this diseases. Please read!!!

“Sometimes, Mafia Mast Cells stick to an organ or two in the body, being ticked, shooting their guns and calling in troops to help fight something that was never there to cause harm in the first place.

1,728 more words

Message to My Generous Uncle Sam - You Saved My Bacon

Henry here with an update to the latest lesson learned by a 7 month old puppy.

As you may recall, I went into another dimension and chewed my Mom’s expensive lymphedema glove making it useless. 224 more words


What have I been up to? And thank goodness for my Uncle Sam!

Henry here with an update.  I now weigh 60 pounds.  Mom could hardly lift me up to weigh me.  This is the weight the rescue people told Mom I would reach when full grown.   233 more words


A spot of bother

I, Ian, am writing this blog post on behalf of Sheryl as she is having difficulty typing.  It has been a rough few weeks.

The lymphedema in Sheryl’s right arm and shoulder has continued to get worse.  419 more words


LympheDivas Helping me cope with Lymphedema

Not a tattoo but a compression sleeve and glove to combat lymphedema.

Lymphedema was caused by damage from my cancer treatments.  I have to wrap my arm like this every night, applying compression to my arm to keep the accumulation of lymph fluid from swelling my arm into a scary huge mess: 63 more words


Siri Knows Everything

So here is a story that is tangentially related to cancer/lymphedema … In late December I fell and banged my elbow. Yes, my RIGHT elbow. It was bruised for a while but I really didn’t think about it too much. 471 more words


Terror and Uncertainty Masked by a Smile

Behind my clear crystal blue eyes and my gleeful smile, you did not see the pure terror I was feeling, my mind that was in turmoil unraveling at the seams, my heart hammering against my chest, my lungs working harder than necessary, my pulse racing a mile a minute, or the indecision plaguing me and causing me to lose focus. 1,250 more words