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Trying To Find a Doctor

I think it might be easier to find a needle in a haystack than a local doctor who knows anything about LE!

When I got married, my husband and I moved to a small town in Illinois that was about 3 hours from the vascular surgeon who had been my doctor for LE since I was diagnosed at age 14.

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Life Aquatic

Sorry I missed last week.   I’ve been battling a sinus infection on top of Easter with the family.   It has been a crazy week or so.   306 more words


New Lymphedema Gear!

Thanks to my brother in law I was able to purchase several sets of sleeves and gloves, this set is my favorite!

These are much more fun to wear than plain brown!  70 more words


Darth CPAP and the Mask of Doom.

CPAP and a respiratory infection do not play well together.

My son contracted a particularly bad head-and-chest cold at work in the hotel where he’s the Food & Beverage Manager, and he promptly introduced it to me (“Look what followed me home, Mom!”). 1,053 more words


Lymphedema Sucks

Anyone who’s had lymph nodes removed knows there is a chance you will develop lymphedema sometime in the future.  Not everyone does…but many do. I had 18 lymph nodes removed ,and 13 of them were positive for cancer. 1,133 more words

Breast Cancer

Middle of the Night Surgeries, Not Recommended

Through the rest of high school, after my first round with cellulitis, I was compliant with compression, saw the vascular surgeon once a year, continued swimming (no I did not tell my parents about the box jumps and running that could be part of dry land workouts), and more or less had a pretty normal high school experience. 712 more words


Heya! It's guest speaker time for this lymphie in Paris next weekend!

I’m excited to be a guest speaker next weekend (7th April) at an upcoming event hosted by Orthopedie Meyrignac in Paris called, ‘Autour du Lymphoedeme’. This patient-focused day provides an opportunity for people to meet face-to-face with doctors, therapists and experts to learn about the latest techniques and advances in the management of lymphedema. 296 more words