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We Should All Be So Lucky

Was so sad to read Alberta Watson, the actress from the shows 24 and Le Femme Nikita, passed away from cancer, dying in her husband’s arms. 260 more words


'Pennies for Patients' fundraiser goes out with a bang

NORTHWOOD, Iowa – Over the last three weeks, the Northwood-Kensett Elementary School has been working on raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patient’s campaign. 204 more words


A week after radiotherapy ended

So its been a week since the radiotherapy ended, I think I may have been fooling myself thinking i would be ship shape straight away.  Feel worse today than I did in those four weeks I was having radiotherapy. 210 more words

Online inspiration - sharing blogs

Spring is almost here!  Here’s a few of my favorite online blogs to follow: 105 more words


Can We Dethrone "The Emperor of Maladies"?

Ken Burns’ new documentary series, “Cancer, the Emperor of All Maladies”, highlights “the longest running war in human history”. But beyond the ongoing scientific quest for a cure are there other ways people have found freedom from such a devastating diagnosis?

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Lumpdate #3: "The Adventures of Harry the Hairy"

Upon being diagnosed with the “Big C” most people’s (well, I’m assuming most people’s) first thought is “OMG, I’m gonna die.” And, yes, I’m not going to pretend that I was some kind of exception to that. 839 more words

World Health Organization Says Herbicide May Cause Non-Hodgkin Lmyphoma

Glysophosate is a herbicide with the highest production volume of all herbicides. In the United States it is currently marketed under the trade name Roundup, and use has increased with the introduction of genetically modified crops resistant to glysophosate. 222 more words

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