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Life Match

I’ve had the dubious distinction of being both a bone marrow donor AND a bone marrow recipient, and being a donor is waaaay easier. It seldom involves actual marrow anymore; it’s usually an extraction of stem cells from the blood, preceded by a few days of pharmaceutical prep. 131 more words


Nice Distraction

May 28th 2016. Today was a great day. We had a gathering with my closest friends and it was such a fun time to see my friends and the lil kiddies running around. 89 more words

Blood Cancer

Something is Different

Back in December 2015, I was pretty sick. This was a typical flu like sickness that lasted for the whole month. I went back to my job at the casino back in… 287 more words

Blood Cancer

Blitz. And a place called Hope

Well, more of a war of attrition really, but after some extremely hard work on behalf of Ann, double digging this plot and removing at least three wheelie bin loads of roots and weeds, the… 967 more words


Bad Cells & Stem Cells

In February I went to the doctor about some tell tale symptoms I’d been having for a couple of months. I’d had these same symptoms in 2008, two years before my first bout with cancer, but I didn’t know then they were anything more than muscle, back and joint pain for exercise and getting old. 739 more words


Heart Pool Test and Clinic Appointment....

So yesterday I had a heart pool test and another clinic visit we had to be at the hospital by 10am, my first appointment was the heart pool test I had to have dye injected into my arm so that they could see how well my heart was working the whole process took 45 minutes. 309 more words