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What Happens When Your Blood Counts Take a Dive

Last weekend was a new low for me…. for us. It started Friday. I woke up feeling good hoping the feeling would continue all day. Well, I was wrong. 923 more words

L-MR: 12/15 - Hard to breathe

A middle-aged woman presented to the emergency room after progressive worsening dyspnea on exertion for the past year, worsened over the past two weeks in particularly. 579 more words

Morning Report

Dogs can do a lot more than roll in the grass, so don't use pesticides

We all know that dogs can do things humans can’t. Like track down murderers from a single whiff of their shirt. And, if you watch cop shows, you probably know that dogs can detect drug shipments and guns. 196 more words


Ground Zero

Life has a funny way of proving itself to be of high relevance. Of pulling attention to itself when you try to love it the way you give love to a cousin — from afar but with all your heart. 450 more words

Introducing Stanley

On the 18th November 2017 my mum’s small bowel perforated requiring an emergency laparotomy and small bowel resection, resulting in an ileostomy. That’s how we met Stanley; Stanley the stoma. 1,103 more words

CAR T cell therapy shows long-lasting remissions in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients

The New England Journal of Medicine published these data today. Among 28 patients who received the therapy in the single-site pilot trial after their cancers had come back following standard treatments, 43 percent of DLBCL patients achieved complete remission, as did 71 percent of patients with follicular lymphoma, the second most common form of the disease.  85 more words


The results are in

I had intended to make this post a little sooner, but I needed some time to process a lot of the information I received at my last oncology appointment.  395 more words