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Illinois Woman in her 70s Beats Lymphoma Cancer Discovered by Accident

Earlier this year a 74-year-old Illinois woman experienced severe shoulder pain and some underarm pain as well, so she was taken to the hospital where a CT scan was conducted for a possible heart problem. 916 more words

To Fight or Not To Fight

I once told a friend that if cancer manages to come back, I might not want to fight again.

I’ve been enduring enough pain for the past 2 years after remission and it ain’t getting better. 252 more words

Life After Chemo

I was pregnant during my last pet scan!?

Hey everyone it has been awhile!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you are probably wondering about the title of this post! Let me start by saying that I didn’t even know that I was pregnant at the time because before I had cancer we thought that we could never have another baby because of my pcos issues that I have had since 2010 so when the nurse asked me if there was any chance that I was pregnant I said there is no way that it was possible well turns out I was wrong!…… 727 more words

At 61, Betzalel N. was just beginning grandfatherhood. He had three children and several tiny grandchildren. His drawer was filled with lollipops and his mind was filled with future plans: trips to the zoo with Grandpa, graduations, dancing at their weddings…until the day it all came crashing down. 433 more words

Charities In Israel

Treatment. It Begins...

I haven’t written in a long time.  I was hoping it would be even longer.  (Never would have been fine.)  However…..my cancer has progressed and treatment is about to commence (a fancy way of saying “0h crap! 601 more words

Inside Monsanto's Secret Documents

By James Corbett and cross-posted from Steemit.com

The case against Monsanto is the gift that keeps on giving.

Previously in these pages I discussed how the trial of Monsanto currently taking place in the California Northern District Court—technically known as “ 291 more words

Rigging The Game

Support LLS, via a dear friend...

Not exactly "CAR-T news" per se, but…

A dear friend of ours, Laura Housley, was diagnosed with leukemia 17 years ago, and was saved by an allogeneic stem cell transplant (SCT). 216 more words