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If I'm Going to be Honest - Yesterday Sucked

I guess I was due.

I wrote yesterday about a rough Friday night, but that was nothing compared to the day-long yuck of Saturday. A dark cloud of stomach issues, headache, and dreaded nausea hung over an otherwise gorgeous May Saturday. 97 more words

Another few days in UHCW - Home now

So been in hospital for a few days came crashing down to earth after my 30th bubble of fun.

Had some problems with chest pain, but after a few days in bed and surrounded by some rather funny characters on the ward I am home and back with Drew.   103 more words

Little Jobs

Now when you’re on Chemo, it’s really important to give yourself little tasks to do to retain normality… Your friends can be a great help for coming up with ideas to keep you busy…..(video)


an open letter to my old life (with lots of bitching beforehand)

today, I need to get my head out of my ass.

not literally. I’m not that flexible. ;) but we’re 4 days out from my PET scan, and while that should bring me some comfort because I’ll finally learn what’s going on inside my body, it’s also incredibly stressful. 1,343 more words


How A Notorious Chemical Weapon Led To The Invention Of Chemotherapy

Mustard gas was, and is, one of the most terrifying weapons of war. It made people break out in blisters, and killed them slowly over weeks.

37 more words
Today I Learned

Quiero Vivir! I Want To Live!

My family has gone through a series of deaths. We are still recovering from one a while ago and now my sixteen year old cousin has been diagnosed with cancer. 91 more words


Lacrosse: McCormack overcomes Hodgkin's Lymphoma

When Vaughn Butler was dragging Tuesday during a playoff game in unseasonable high heat and humidity, the senior defenseman on the Seneca High School boys’ lacrosse team just looked back for motivation. 1,081 more words