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Spotting the best investment ideas

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There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in financial markets these days, with investors groping for directions amid a string of bad news, from Brexit to the threat of another interest rate hike in the US. 1,248 more words

Current Affairs

Marshawn Lynch Speaks About Kaepernick Controversy on Conan

Last night on Conan O’Brien‘s show, former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch says he supports Colin’s protest, saying it’s not a danger to either football or the country. 158 more words


music review: lynch - AVANTGARDE

It’s become clear to me that every album lynch releases, they move up the ranks of my top favorite bands. They’re now ranked 5th on my list. 132 more words


NBC's CEO has 5 millennial kids and none of them pay for TV

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NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke is one of the most powerful people in the TV business, but his own kids don’t pay for traditional TV. 205 more words


Last Year at Marienbad & the Acceptance of Not Knowing

(A reflection I did for my Contemporary Film Theory class)

Last Year at Marienbad might be the 60’s, more magnified version of Lynch’s Mullholand Drive, in that it really is left for interpretation. 174 more words


I love history and the children of historic figures, whether well-known historic figures of rarely know historic figures. One woman, whom I loved and knew since my oldest child was just six months old, and who passed away 16 years ago at the age of 86 or 87 knew Civil War scout and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman when Ms. 321 more words


Sling TV CEO says his competitors are 'recreating the sins of the past'

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Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch doesn’t think the narrative of “cord-cutters” fleeing cable because of high prices is a myth. He he thinks we’re well into that reality already. 497 more words