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In the Republic of lynching

Modern sociology like modern constitutional law posits a contrast between a state of nature and the state of society. Thomas Hobbes, the great contractarian had described the state of nature as a condition where the life of man was solitary, poor, nasty, short and brutish. 765 more words

IO Interactive Now Independent

After entering negotiations last month into a management buyout, things have quickly reached a satisfying conclusion, with Hitman developer IO Interactive now being an Independent studio again, while also retaining the rights to the… 58 more words


Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch - Jordain Carney 06/18/17 06:00 AM EDT

Senate Republicans are clamoring to hear from Loretta Lynch after former FBI Director James Comey raised concerns about her involvement in the Hillary Clintonemail investigation. 294 more words

Point Of Interest

Twin Peaks is back and somehow as strange and beautiful as ever

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Warning: This post contains some spoilers for Twin Peaks: The Return alongside references to details from the original series.

“Is it future, or is it past?”

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Elected officials call themselves political leaders of our democracy!  We absolutely do not live in a true democracy.   If we did, no one would be above the law.   453 more words