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Schlock Footage 2: The Schlockening

Hello future posterior reader! If you’ve scrolled down this far, then I’ve either succeeded in posting new material to this site, or else this post is at the top of the page, where I left it today on 9th Fedruary 2016. 214 more words




I’m crying inside…lord knows sometimes it feels like I’m dying inside. Hurt and pain…I feel so ashamed. Seems like its forever gonna rain. At times I can’t eat, sometimes I can’t sleep. 432 more words


Marshawn Returns To Conan To Play Doom [Video]

Conan O’Brien celebrates the upcoming Big Game with a new time-honored tradition: playing a video game with the members of the teams set to play on Super Bowl Sunday. 45 more words


Beast Mode Store To Open In Oakland

According to SF Gate, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will open a brick and mortar ‘Beast Mode’ store in his home town of Oakland.

Lynch has turned “Beast Mode” into a brand identity — he’s been selling gear online for quite awhile and has had the entrepreneurial savvy to copy-write his most famous sayings. 33 more words


Lynchs Bare Nearly All

This blog gets little attention from me as of late as I am rarely inspired and nothing is inspiring me right now as if anything all these politics are depressing considering the  choices of candidates lol. 692 more words
Public Interest

carrot salad, balance, intuition

I made carrot salad the other day–one of my all time favorites.

a variation on a French theme. something referred to, sometimes, as salade rapide. slow food whipped up quickly. 316 more words

David Lynch at 70-A Retrospective

Coffee, cigarettes, transcendental meditation and cherry pie- that’s what fuels filmmaker extraordinaire and all round artistic Renaissance man David Lynch. Today is Lynch’s 70th birthday, so let’s take a brief look at the life & work of a creative genius. 311 more words