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Lynching of Kanye West | Strange behavior or Same Old Left?

Kanye West, an American musician, producer and fashion designer recently had a meeting with the 45th President of the United Stated of America, Donald J Trump. 132 more words


Strange Fruit in Montgomery

A weekend road trip and bike ride around Montgomery triggers an unrelenting lump in the throat.

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Kamala Harris, Cory Booker Lead Charge To Advance Anti-Lynching Law In Senate

All three of the nation’s Black senators won a victory Thursday in the ongoing battle to criminalize lynching-related offenses for the first time in American history. 431 more words


An Idaho Mural Depicting a Lynching of a Native American

So, this picture popped. I have no idea if the mural was modified, dragged away or standing straight and tall like others in our country depicting lynching of Americans ~ Indian and African, so correct me if needed

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Dirty Boots: A Column of Critical Thinking, Border Crossing, and Noblesse Oblige

If you read this blog often enough, you’ll know that I have a real problem with flabby language: words like “interesting,” which is so nondescript as to mean nothing, or phrases like “raising awareness,” which means a person isn’t actually doing anything to solve the problem— they just want other people to. 728 more words



Guilty, guilty, guilty! Don’t need no stinking trial!
We’ve seen his kind before, full of deceit and guile.
Orthodoxy lacking, look at the clothes he wears! 396 more words