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If it's not the money, why do I do this?

I was on the way to Richmond to speak at the Black History Museum of Virginia recently when I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” 259 more words

Life As A Writer

19th Century Problems


Violent punishment or execution, without due process, for real or alleged crimes.

The concept of taking the law into one’s own hands to punish a criminal almost certainly predates recorded history. 287 more words

A Tale of Two Custodial Deaths - Minhaj Ansari and Ravi Sisodia

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” – Confucius

Recently, two young men of nearly the same age died while in police detention, barely five days apart. 2,392 more words


Me and Harry F. Byrd

When the audience member asked, “Why did you pursue this story?” I decided to abandon the safe answers that I usually give to that question. Instead, I tried to put into words the feelings that have percolated inside me ever since I started working on… 357 more words

Life As A Writer

Data on a Variety of Topics

Since yesterday’s post actually took about a week to write, today I’m just posting some of the data/graphs I ran across in the process but didn’t utilize. 84 more words

Neuropolitics, Metapolitics

Some feedback about the book is puzzling

The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia has been out three weeks, long enough for me to get some feedback. As expected, the results are mixed. 332 more words

Life As A Writer

Two Graphs

It’s one of those you need a graph, you gotta make it yourself kind of days.

Feel free to take and use these graphs for your own essays. 241 more words