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The History Of Lynching In America Is Worse Than You Think, Says Study

ATLANTA, Feb 10 (Reuters) – Lynchings in which mobs raided jailhouses to hang, torture and burn alive black men, sometimes leading to public executions in courthouse squares, occurred more often in the U.S. 371 more words


The Confederate Battle Flag

Imagine that after the emancipation of the slaves, the whites in the South put their attachment to this peculiar institution behind them and, in the paternalistic manner appropriate to their supposed innate superiority, made a concerted effort to improve the lot of their former slaves.  894 more words


Beneath the Lynching Tree

The Execution of Ann Hibbins

In the shadows

strung the gallows

head cocked askew.

Such a clatter, a splatter

of drooling lather–

Greeting death,

withheld breath, 20 more words


whatever happened to five centuries of terrorism against African people america?

it’s not a question you have to necessarily answer. it may be upsetting and they did give you Obama!

In Alabama, there was a total of 347 lynchings during this time with 299 of the victims being Black and fewer than 50 being white.

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It happens here, and now

From his columns, I know my father as someone who believed America thought too much of itself when it came to racial justice.

He often used his writing to remind readers that while the United States was promoting itself around the world as the land of the free, it had a lot to answer for at home. 380 more words

Ebenezer Ray

The 1974 Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Mother | Dillsnap Cogitations

During arraignment on murder charges, Chenault referred to himself in an alter personality, a “Hebrew”, and gave the name of the alter to the court as “Servant JACOB”. 191 more words


On Charleston

I’ve thought for years that things were better than they used to be. I thought that there had been real improvement in American life. We elected a black president. 400 more words