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True Confession: I was ignorant (or, The Truth about Blacks' journey to Civil Rights)

by Kate Vanskike

Let me be honest: Until the last decade or so of my life, I haven’t been incredibly interested in history. In high school and in college, it was simply a required class. 1,031 more words


Rampaging Racists in Georgia

Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America

By Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips hoes heavily plowed territory (broadly, black-white relations, or lack of them, in America, from slavery to present day) and manages, often in powerful style, to produce a story that reveals much about white racial hatred. 382 more words


Emmitt Till Revisited in Art

There is a lot of controversy about a white woman’s painting of Emmitt Till now on display at the Whitney. MY NICKEL IN THAT QUARTER: The cruel, brutal, torture and lynching of a young black boy because of lies and racism in America needs to be told as often and as loudly as possible so it won’t happen again. 76 more words


My genealogical pilgrimage

The colourful streets of Kinsale. (Allan Lynch Photo)

The Kinsale light. (Allan Lynch Photo)

Part of the Wild Atlantic Way. (Allan Lynch Photo)

When my friend Jennifer started researching her family genealogy I joked that she was just looking for an unclaimed title, an estate or a fortune. 1,149 more words

Tears of Blood

pharaohs and queens . . .
our ancestors who . . .
stroll the rich desert lands . . .
raised mighty pyramids . . . 308 more words


Can We Please Ignore Our Racist Past?

I didn’t think I was being controversial. I wasn’t trying to be inflammatory. But this past week I saw a video that gave the statistics of the top 10 lynching states over a span of 8 decades. 563 more words


Women in Jazz Month

March is Women in Jazz Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women to jazz.

As a lifelong activist, I want to celebrate the role that women in jazz played in paving the way for the Civil Rights Movement. 97 more words

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