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Professional Assistance from Fictional Superheroes

Earlier this week I was due to speak at a conference. I felt confident; I knew my topic, I’m happy speaking in front of an audience, and I was wearing a new, bright pink lipstick with the intense but ass-kicking name of BREATHING FIRE. 550 more words


BW's Morning Article Link: Wonder Woman Meets Bionic Woman preview

Fans of 70s superpowered crimesolving ladies rejoice! ICv2 has a preview for the upcoming crossover (or maybe it’s out; I don’t get out much lately) for the Linda Carter… 35 more words

Television Spotlight

Professor Marston And The Wonder Women: How Not To Film A Biopic!

Now, as you probably know we don’t often address negatives in the Precinct, it is a place that all its agent alumni come together to celebrate the phenomenal publishing powerhouse that’s known as DC Comics… but this… this is too much. 502 more words


Dear Woman Woman

I look up to you. You stand up for what you believe, and you won’t back down.

And when I say “Wonder Woman,” I do not mean Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot or any of the actresses who have played Wonder Woman in the movies. 234 more words


I've been thinking...

Actress Lynda Carter has recently responded to director James Cameron’s comments about how the recent Wonder Woman film was a “step backwards” for women in Hollywood because, basically, Gal Gadot is too pretty. 385 more words


Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("Why do people hate?")

When it comes to the principle of hate, many people do so because they simply don’t understand. No one is born to hate. They are “taught” to do so. 298 more words