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Wonder Woman: What We Want in the New Movie

The hype surrounding this thing would be enough to crush a lesser superhero, so will our Amazon princess be up for the challenge? Whether you’re new to Wonder Woman or a lifelong fan, what’s something you want to see in the new movie? 25 more words

Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("The Travel ban... What do you make of it?")

Even when I try to find positive things in the current news, just about everything in the front headlines has Trump’s name in it (and of course, much of it has not been positive at all). 424 more words

Wonder Woman 1.13 - Wonder Woman in Hollywood

For the end of Wonder Woman‘s run on ABC, they brought back Debra Winger and Carolyn Jones, along with writer Jimmy Sangster, for one of those “run around the backlot” stories that were common in the 1970s. 586 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Wonder Woman 1.12 - The Bushwhackers

So here’s the episode where Wonder Woman wears a red blouse and long white trousers instead of her usual outfit. According to legend, Roy Rogers agreed to guest star in this episode of… 245 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Wonder Woman 1.11 - Formula 407

Several months ago, I read a detailed episode guide to Wonder Woman and was surprised that this episode, in which Steve and Diana fly to Argentina – and boy, does California do a laughable job pretending to be Argentina this week – to obtain a secret formula that will make rubber as strong as steel, didn’t sound at all familiar. 142 more words

Lyle Waggoner