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Wonder Woman 1.8 - Last of the Two Dollar Bills

Steve Trevor finally asked Wonder Woman out on a date – of sorts – this week! He met her for a private tour of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, which is actually a pretty original idea for a first date. 296 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Wonder Woman 1.7 - The Pluto File

Would you believe Robert Reed – dad Mike on The Brady Bunch – as an international super-assassin? He honestly pulls it off, which shouldn’t be a surprise. 155 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Wonder Woman 1.6 - Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua!

Our son hasn’t bolted behind the sofa quite the way he did tonight in some time. When Wonder Woman first meets the programmed-by-Nazis gorilla, she has to jump back as he lunges at her from his cage. 213 more words

Lyle Waggoner

2016 in Review

I started this “Year In Review” idea last year and fell in love with the idea.  I featured it all last year and the 2015 In Review… 1,147 more words


Wonder Woman 1.5 – The Feminum Mystique (part two)

So some Nazis attack Paradise Island. The reality of seventies television means that we didn’t get what modern superhero teevee would do in this sort of situation. 345 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Wonder Woman 1.4 - The Feminum Mystique (part one)

The first two-part episode of Wonder Woman is another that everybody remembers. It introduces Debra Winger as Diana’s younger sister Drusilla. In other Paradise Island news, Carolyn Jones takes over the role of Queen Hippolyta, and Erica Hagen, who had been in a couple of first season… 313 more words

Lyle Waggoner

Classic Wonder Woman: Holiday Special

Warning: The alliteration is strong in this one!

Precinct1313 welcomes all it’s loyal agents to rousing revelry and much celebratory carousing in the malefic mansion of mystery’s… 398 more words